Top 5 Ethereum Wallets

Are you looking for an Ethereum wallet to store your coins or for playing dApps? This article will look into the best wallets for storing ETH.

1. Ledger Wallet

Ledger is a company that offers hardware wallets which supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum. Most of their hardware wallets look like USB storage devices and are pretty easy to use.

Ledger wallet lets customers be in complete control over their funds, meaning they need to store their seed in a safe place.

In addition, customers can also use a mobile app, or a browser extension in order to transfer funds.

The wallet has a lot of support by third-parties, meaning that the possibilities are limitless. For instance, you can directly use a DEX just by connecting it to your computer.

Finally, every Ledger wallet is secured by a PIN that customers pick during the setup.

2. Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a desktop wallet that supports Etherum and other 300+ coins and tokens. It has a sleek UI, DEX integration, and allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies via credit cards. This wallet stores encrypted private keys on the device. Users need to back up their private keys.

3. MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet is a free, open-source, client-side Ethereum wallet interface. It was one of the first interfaces for the Ethereum blockchain and remains one of the most popular Ethereum wallets. MEW offers many features including swaps, offline transactions, multiple hardware wallet support, dApp and DeFi integrations, and an NFT manager. Beyond the web interface, the MEW suite of products includes the MEWconnect smartphone app and a browser extension.

Users need to back up their private keys with this wallet.

4. TrustWallet

TrustWallet is a mobile wallet that supports multiple coins and tokens. The wallet has a dApp browser, a DEX, and a collectible window.

TrustWallet is secured by Face ID, Touch ID, and password lock.

If you are into collectibles, I’d recommend checking out Enjin and its wallet.

5. Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase’s wallet (mobile only) works hand in hand with the exchange, however, it does not support many coins and tokens. The wallet has a browser for dApps and a window that allows you to see collectibles.

The feature that I like the most about the wallet is the one that allows wallet backups via iCloud and Google Drive (users are advised to keep a physical backup as well).

Coinbase wallet can be secured by Face ID, Touch ID, and password lock.

BONUS: Enjin Wallet

Enjin’s crypto wallet is another great alternative to store cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. It is extremely user-friendly and is also known for its collectibles as well as being gaming-friendly.

The Enjin wallet is an app and is available on both Android and iOS.

Please, NOTE: All the wallets that I have mentioned require users to back up their private keys.


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