Zengo wallet review

ZenGo is a great wallet that’s been around since 2018. It might be the best and most secure crypto wallet you’ve never heard of. With security, privacy, and self-custody becoming important topics again, we decided to look at this wallet in more detail.

More importantly, we wanted to see whether the security claims are really true. Let’s see what we discover. And see what ZenGo is giving away just for trying this wallet. 

How Does ZenGo Wallet Work?

The first important thing to know about ZenGo is that it’s a mobile wallet. It’s available for both Apple and Android phones. It is capable of holding cryptos and NFTs. They separate the NFT Wallet from the regular Token Wallet to make tracking both easy.

The second important thing to know about ZenGo is that it’s a WalletConnect-compatible wallet. This means using WalletConnect you can connect to your favorite dApps and protocols with ease. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Dogecoin, and all ERC 20 and 721 coins and tokens. It even supports the EUROC stablecoin for our European friends.

Zengo Wallet Review
Source: ZenGo
ZenGo Wallet Fees & Other Benefits

The wallet has a clean interface with easy movement between screens for a good user experience. It’s much cleaner than some of the wallets we’ve used. And we’ll be talking about in a second the great work ZenGo is doing to create more on and off-ramps for fiat.

In fact, if you click this link and sign up for a free ZenGo wallet today, one of the discounts you get is a fee of only 0.1% on bank transfers into your wallet. That’s a super low fee. On $10,000 that means you would only pay $10. We don’t know of any on-ramps directly to a self-custody wallet like this that are this cheap to do. NO FEES on your first buy up to $200 too.

It’s a tremendous deal if you like what you’ve heard so far. ZenGo even offers live 24/7 customer service. Again, a rarity in the industry.

Back to the wallet. While you are in the wallet, you can buy or sell, store or trade, or send and receive crypto. So far, other than in-app purchases, that’s no different from most wallets. Swap fees are lower than Metamask’s 0.875% as this largest ZenGo wallet fee is only 0.5% plus network fees.

Then we get to the big deal, security.

Is ZenGo Wallet Safe?

As it says right on its home page ZenGo is ‘The only self-custody wallet with NO private key vulnerability’. To explain this, let’s go over the typical private key vulnerabilities ZenGo is referring to here.

  1. Seed phrases
  2. Hacks
  3. Not recoverable key cause your device died/burned/damaged/trashed
  4. Phishing schemes

Almost daily there are stories of any and all of these happening. Stories like:

  • Throwing away a hard drive only to remember later there was $250,000 in crypto on it
  • Clicking a link that exposes your Metamask wallet to draining
  • PGP (a privacy tech) key was compromised by Bitcoin Core developer LukeDashJr

So how does ZenGo protect against these things?

Seed Phrases

ZenGo protects against theft or accidental disclosure of your seed phrase by not having one in the first place. If there is no seed phrase, then you can’t have it stolen from you.

So how do you access and restore your wallet? We’ll get to that. I promise.


There’s a Web3 firewall built into the wallet called ClearSign. This is huge in fighting against both hacks and phishing schemes. Clearsign helps you assess the safety of the protocol you are connecting to. Also, the permissions you are giving and contract transactions you are signing.

This is fantastic for security and peace of mind. It’s also a big hole in the user experience for Metamask that they don’t have something like this. In fact, it’s a big security flaw for those of you making the ZenGo vs Metamask wallet decision.

Unrecoverable Keys

MPC or multi-party computation is one of the most popular forms of cryptography. Some of our favorite protocols here at Altcoin Buzz including Secret Network use it. But it’s not common in wallet technology.

What’s great about how MPC works for wallets is that if you have junked your device, it means your private key is still available. It’s split up into encrypted, secure pieces in other places including ZenGo’s servers so they can help you recover. By the way, they can’t access it directly without your help either as another way to keep your funds safe. It’s great protection.

Very cool use of technology to make our lives easier.

And that’s not the only way. There’s a biometric solution too. You can use a facial scan to restore your wallet on a new device. So you never have to worry about forgetting that your private key is attached to something you got rid of months ago.

Phishing Schemes

You’ve probably been around long enough to see how often people try to phish Metamask wallets. Specifically, with bad links and emails with malware and malicious code attached. ZenGo prevents this with its Clearsign firewall giving you great protection in an area where MM gives you none.

ZenGo Wallet to Bank Account

Really? Yes, really.

Security is super important but the wallet has to work well and be convenient too. In many countries, you can on-ramp or off-ramp directly from your wallet straight to your bank. And some of the included countries are ones where it can be tough to find these on-ramps. Places like:

  • UK and Europe
  • US and Canada
  • Turkey, Australia, South Africa, and Brazil

In all these countries, you can go directly from your bank to your wallet and from your wallet back to your bank. This is a real stand-out feature compared to many wallets.

And if you are in this group of countries above, for a limited time, we have a great offer. By clicking this link to sign up you can transfer from your bank to your ZenGo wallet and only pay 0.1%. This cost is ridiculously low. ZenGo is making this special offer just for our readers.

So I hope if you like what you’ve heard about the security, convenience, ease of use, and low fees for the ZenGo Wallet you will click that link and give it a try today. It’s clear the added protections will give you at least one less thing to worry about for your crypto holdings. Over 800,000 of our fellow crypto enthusiasts are already doing it.

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