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Most of the top crypto exchanges have their own native token. Binance has  BNB, KuCoin has KCS, has GT, and Huobi Global has HT.

They all have their own token. And has the CRO token. In this article, we are going to talk about the CRO coin.

What Is the CRO Coin?

The CRO coin is the native and utility token of the exchange. Most exchanges use their native tokens to incentivize their users. In this case, with the CRO token, you can:

  • Stake
  • Pay transaction fees
  • Raise liquidity
  • Participate in governance voting. (in case they are a DAO)

In the ecosystem, the CRO coin also has some functions. With their flagship credit cards, you can receive discounts or special rewards. We, as users, get lower trading fees or higher lending rewards.

This coin is also going to play an active role in the Web3 future of DeFi is another area in which wants to expand. This will also open new utility options for the coin.

In 2021, this coin saw an 850% growth in price. However, in 2022, the coin struggled, like most other tokens. After the FTX collapse, the way we look at exchanges changed. With this current situation in the back of our minds, exchange coins have lost a bit of their charm. So, it will be interesting to see what 2023 brings for CEXs. However, once we are back in a bull run, the surviving exchange coins will roar again.

Where to Buy the CRO Coin?

You can buy the CRO coin at most major exchanges. For example,, OKX, KuCoin,, or MEXC Global. There are also plenty of smaller, local exchanges that offer CRO. For instance, Bitvavo in the Netherlands or Indodax in Indonesia.

Furthermore, there are also a few DEXs that offer this coin. For example, Osmosis on the Cosmos chain, Uniswap V3, or DeFi Swap. In general, there are plenty of options available for you to buy CRO.

The current price of the CRO coin is $0.056184. The coin has a market cap of $1.4 billion. The total supply of this coin is 30 billion. Out of this, 25 billion are already in circulation. Here is the entire list of exchanges where you can get CRO:

CRO Coin

Source: CoinGecko

How Does CRO Coin Work?

The CRO coin is the native token for the Cronos blockchain. So, you can find the exchange on this chain as well. It is the first blockchain network that is interoperable between the Ethereum and the Cosmos networks.

You can use CRO to pay for all kinds of transaction fees. For example, for tokens and coins, but also for NFTs. also supports an NFT marketplace and launchpad.

Furthermore, you can also stake this coin and use it on all their platforms. Their centralized app or their decentralized DeFi wallet. You can find out more about their DeFi wallet, in the in-depth article we wrote.

When Was the CRO Coin Launched? started out under the Monaco name with the MCO coin. However, in 2018 they rebranded to and the CRO coin. The coin was also known as coin.

Their mainnet launched in March 2022. As their native token, they still use the CRO coin. The chain is EVM (Ethereum) and IBC (Cosmos) compatible. As a result, it connects the Ethereum and Cosmos networks.


This is the first part about the CRO coin. We answered 4 popular questions about this coin. Keep an eye out for Part 2.

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