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One of the advantages that crypto offers is passive income and EverGrow which let people receive it. In other words, they offer a stablecoin reward token and much more.

Evergrow has made it easy to earn a passive income. So, let’s find out how they do this.

What Is EverGrow?

EverGrow is a reward token for stablecoins built on the BNB chain. They are the leaders in this market segment. It should come as no surprise that EGC, its native token, meets the BEP-20 token standard. They launched it in September 2021.

EverGrow stands out because they offer a built-in rewards system. The only thing you must do, is to hold their EGC token in your wallet(s). Another point that makes them stand out is that their token is deflationary. See the Tweet above. As a result, the EGC token should become scarce, and its price should go up.

A great sample of this was their token launch. They launched with no less than 1 quadrillion tokens. To clarify, a quadrillion is a thousand trillion. However, at launch, they burned 50% of all tokens. This resulted in a 4,000% price increase. In all fairness, the price has gone down since, but for the long term, it is still a good investment.

Since its launch, they can boast 139,000 investors and rewards of over $38 million. Furthermore, they are active on a variety of social media. See the picture below.


Source: EverGrow website

How Does EverGrow Work?

You can receive BUSD rewards by just holding their EGC token in your wallet(s). Every EGC transaction has a fee. The BUSD rewards come from these transaction fees. Every hour, they add BUSD to your account. BUSD is a stablecoin that pegs 1:1 to the USD. It’s a stablecoin from the Binance team and has a good reputation.

So, the more EGC tokens you hold, the higher your passive income will be. It’s as simple as that.  Here’s an explanation of how EverGrow gets the rewards in 6 steps.

  1. Each EGC sale buys, or transfer transaction has a 14% tax.
  2. The BUSD rewards receive 8% of this tax.
  3. You receive a reward in BUSD every 60 minutes. Straight into your wallet(s).
  4. 2% of the transaction fees go to PancakeSwap in a liquidity pool. This makes for a stable price floor.
  5. Another 2% goes to a smart contract, which allows for a strategic buyback reserve.
  6. The remaining 2% goes to development and marketing.

Furthermore, each day, they buy back EGC tokens and burn them. They also have a nifty anti-whale strategy in place. You can’t sell more than 0.125% of the circulating supply. As a result, you don’t have sudden price plunges due to big selloffs. See the picture below.

EverGrow website
Who Created EverGrow Coin?

The EverGrow team consists of over 80 people. Sam Kelly oversees this all, and he is also the chairman. He is a former investment manager and a lifelong entrepreneur. His experience spans a 20-year period.

The leader team also consists of Paul Treffinger. He is the operations manager. Cody Black and Frank Ibrahim are project managers.

When Was EverGrow Coin Listed?

The EverGrow coin was listed during the platforms’ launch. This was in September 2021. At launch, the EGC coin saw a 4,000% price increase because the team burned 50% of the supply. However, ever since the price has dropped and over the last year, the price is down 68.6%. This is still better compared to many other coins in the current bear market.

The current EGC price is $0.000000089779 with a market cap of just under $42 million. The max supply was 1 quadrillion, but 50% got burned at launch. The current circulating supply is 467 trillion coins. That’s almost the remaining 50%.

Where to Buy EverGrow Coin? 

You can buy the EverGrow coin at PancakeSwap, Latoken, Bitrue, and DigiFinex. For US citizens, PancakeSwap is the best option.


We answered another 5 popular questions about EverGrow and its EGC coin. If you like to find more information about EverGrow, look up our Part 1 article.

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