What Is FairMeme?

FairMeme is designing a better way for developers to operate and create innovative solutions and dApps.

To achieve this, developer platform FairMeme focuses on creating the largest-ever developer organization in the decentralized tech ecosystem. FairMeme also focuses on the expansion and the introduction of innovative solutions on the Algorand blockchain.

The platform is also currently building a unique developer portal for developers to congregate and work together to facilitate the growth of the Algorand chain. FairMeme also provides easy access to upcoming developers to top-notch APIs and other important tools. Interestingly, contributors on FairMeme receive 90% of the platform’s revenue whenever their contributions are enacted.

FairMeme Products

FairMeme’s major interest lies in building the Algorand ecosystem. To achieve this, it streamlines its products, operations, and services to meet this goal.

Some of FairMeme products include:

1. Launchpad (AlgoPad)

FairMeme’s Algo launchpad (AlgoPad) is in response to investors’ need to locate viable and truly-innovative startups. The launchpad is an Algorand-based decentralized funding protocol. Providing willing investors with the ability to locate innovative startups that are likely to succeed. While investors will be able to locate viable projects, such startups will also have access to top-notch funding and support. They will also enjoy access to important project development tools on the Algorand blockchain.

To go live on the launchpad, a startup project needs to undergo a KYC evaluation. They also need to have a fair amount of capital investment and technical know-how of their project. Such projects will also have to lock up a minimum amount of 20,000 FMA tokens. They might also need to lock up their LP and team tokens. In return, they will enjoy the support, validation, and access to quality investors that AlgoPad offers.

2. Folio App

This is a unique and free portfolio application that allows users seamless access to their assets statistics. FairMeme users can confirm asset prices, set price alerts, view charts, etc. with the Folio App. With the app, they will also be able to track and monitor the performance of their assets.

Interestingly, the app is also currently available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores for Android and iOS users.

3. Locker

FairMeme provides its users with both the token/liquidity locker and the team locker. The token locker helps facilitate security for investors’ assets while the team locker receives team members’ allocation after the vested period.

Other important products are the Developer Portal and the soon-to-be-launched governance protocol.


The FairMeme ecosystem has two main tokens with completely different purposes. The tokens include:

  • FAIRMEME ($FMT) token
  • FAIRMEME_Algo ($FMA) token

1. FAIRMEME ($FMT) – This is a community token that provides its holders with important benefits and access during IDOs on the launchpad. Access to these benefits is, however, hinged on how many FMT tokens are held. This means that the higher the amount of FMT tokens a user holds, the higher their access to important benefits.

The token also has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 FMT tokens, all of which is currently in circulation.

FairMeme (FMT) Allocation

Source – FairMeme

2. FAIRMEME_Algo ($FMA) Token – This is the main utility token of the FairMeme ecosystem. With it, users will enjoy unrestricted access to FairMeme products and solutions. Interested persons are, however, required to hold a minimum balance of 20,000 FMA tokens to use the FairMeme platform.

With FMA, users will enjoy:

  • Access to IDOs
  • Seamless method of paying transaction fees
  • On-chain verification
  • Unrestricted access to FairMeme services

The token is also deflationary, with a built-in deflationary system that activates every six months.

FairMeme FMA Allocation

Source – FairMeme

About Algorand and FairMeme

Algorand (ALGO) is also touted as the most decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain in the world. The blockchain’s infrastructure also focuses on building and designing economic models for a decentralized future. A future that is decentralized, transparent, secure, and open to innovative projects designed to provide real solutions.

Also, Algorand’s vision is to eliminate poverty and facilitate prosperity for all by using elegant technology and unique innovations.

FairMeme, on the other hand, is an Algo-based launchpad platform that goes beyond the duties of the average launchpad. The launchpad (AlgoPad) also has a liquidity locker and development support. Therefore, providing willing investors with viable startup projects they can invest in.

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