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We’ve looked at a couple of NFT marketplaces over the past few months. So, NFTs remain a vital part of the blockchain ecosystem. Already, projects such as Opensea, Magic Eden and Rarible are well-known in the space.

But there are other platforms competing strongly in the market such as Mintable. Now, let’s look at the Mintable marketplace.

What is Mintable?

Mintable is a web-based NFT creation and minting platform that enables people to create and sell Ethereum-based NFTs without having to code smart contracts. So, Mintable offers a simple-to-use NFT minting feature as well as an online marketplace where artists may sell newly minted NFTs right away.

Additionally, Mintable is well-known when searching for one of the best NFT markets for collectors and digital artists. These digital artworks are all for sale on Mintable using Ethereum’s blockchain.

The Mintable marketplace provides specialized NFTs with particular uses, such as website domains, in addition to digital art. Thousands of domain name NFTs are available for purchase on the platform. On Mintable, you can also find 3D models and metaverse real estate, making it a wonderful spot to look for decor for your virtual home.

Who Owns Mintable?

Zach Burks founded the Mintable marketplace in 2018. Business magnate, Mark Cuban, funded the platform and it has since attracted other investors including , Start Path, Band Family Office, Expedia, Animoca Brands, and Metapurse.

How Mintable Works?

Mintable makes it easy for customers to browse through its enormous collection of digital art by segmenting its offers into specialized categories like art, music, films, collectibles, and more. With Mintable, you can quickly start purchasing NFTs by selecting from millions of distinctive items. You can even check the value of every item in USD rather than ETH if you’re still having trouble understanding the value of NFTs in cryptocurrencies.

Mintable works on the Ethereum blockchain, and also supports Immutable X, an Ethereum-based scaling mechanism for NFTs. It also supports the Zilliqa blockchain. Zilliqa and Immutable X both adhere to the same principles and are closely tied to Ethereum.

In terms of wallets, MetaMask is a preferred option. Any wallet that supports Dapps (Decentraliazed Applications) is good to go.

How to Delete NFTs on Mintable?

NFTs cannot be deleted from the blockchain but users can remove them from being sold on Mintable. You can delete NFTs by sending them to the Ethereum burn address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD. The address is more like a black hole for several NFTs and currencies.

However, transferring them to this address will cost some ether.
Go to My NFTs and click on the “Transfer” icon.

Source: Mintable

Then, fill in the burn address in the receiving address field.

Source: Mintable

That’s it for deleting your NFT.

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