What Is PlayMining?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem continues to expand beyond the financial ecosystem. The introduction of blockchain gaming, DeFi, and GameFi functionalities also helped to facilitate awareness and the subsequent adoption of the blockchain and crypto space.

PlayMining, a top NFT game platform, is one of the leading GameFi platforms available today. The game platform was first designed to safeguard the rights of content creators both in Japan and all over the world. To achieve this, PlayMining provides content creators with an enabling environment to create well-rounded entertainment content.

Since its launch in 2018, PlayMining has grown exponentially while creating NFTs from original artwork pieces. According to reports, creators and artists on PlayMining made more than 1 billion yen between April 2020 and December 2021. This further helps to substantiate the game platform’s goal of protecting the rights of creators. PlayMining also ensures creators receive the right earnings and benefits for their artworks.

This article is an in-depth overview of the PlayMining ecosystem, its top features, services, how it operates, and its benefits for its users.

Let’s find out more about PlayMining.

What You Should Know About PlayMining

As previously disclosed, PlayMining is a top game platform bringing together the benefits of DeFi to the blockchain gaming space. The game platform boasts of three main services it offers to its users. These services include:

  1. Games – PlayMining has a number of exciting games, including its foremost game – JobTribes. Currently, there are four main games available on the game platform with plans to launch more before the end of 2022.

The currently available games include:
– Its flagship game, JobTribes, with over 50,000 monthly active users (MAU)
– Coin Pusher (Lucky Farmer)
– PlayMining Puzzle Game
– Graffiti Racer (a coloring and racing game)

Also, its soon-to-launch game is Cooking Burger (a multi-task cooking game).

2. NFT Marketplace – PlayMining also boasts a unique NFT marketplace made specially for in-game items. The marketplace also contains content and artworks from top artists majorly centered around Japanese pop culture. Interestingly, the NFT deals are usually via ERC-721 standard NFTs.

3. Vault – PlayMining Vault majorly focuses on incentivizing active users on the game platform. The vault also has a unique incentive structure providing rewards to active users.

Elements on PlayMining

Apart from its main services, the game platform also has three main elements that govern its activities. These elements also help keep the game platform running smoothly. They include:

  1. Tokens – DEP (DEAPcoin) is currently the native token of the PlayMining ecosystem. This means that the token also serves as a reward token and a purchasing tool. Plans are, however, in place to introduce and issue more game tokens in the near future.
  2. PlayMining Chain – The chain is a side chain of the popular Ethereum (ETH) network. Also, to facilitate interoperability with other chains, PlayMining Chain has connected with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Also, the seamless conversion of DEP tokens to B-DEP (BEP 20) can now take place.
  3. PlayMining Verse – The Verse will serve as a meeting point for both creators and users. Therefore, completely eliminating the need for a middle man or middle platform during NFT transactions. The Verse will also involve the sale of creator-owned Land NFTs to fans.

The major token of the PlayMining ecosystem is the DEAPcoin (DEP). The token is an ERC-20 token designed as a reward incentive for players on the game platform. The token is also used in purchasing NFTs from the marketplace and Land on the Verse platform.

According to reports, DEP has a maximum supply of 30 billion. Interested persons can earn DEP by playing games on the game platform. DEP can also be both on centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges. According to DappRadar, PlayMining has an active user base of over 46,000 users with over $1.4 million transactions over the last 30 days.

Total allocation PlayMining DEP token

$DEP token total allocation

Source – PlayMining 

In conclusion, the game platform’s main focus is to create and launch the world’s best game entertainment content. As PlayMining founder Naoto “Goro” Yoshida says, “Let’s give the world the best and most game-changing entertainment content they’ve ever seen!” Its upcoming Verse will also facilitate an enabling environment for creators and fans to seamlessly interact.

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