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metalcore review

Discover Metalcore, An NFT-Based Space Combat P2E Game

It's 2269 and a civil war has broken out in the solar system. However, not everything was bad, because a technology, called "The Fabricator"...
immutable x review

Why Immutable X Could be The Next Big Thing in P2E Games?

Layer 2 solutions are the big thing currently in the crypto space. They are independent blockchains, built on top of Ethereum. We call them...
why blockchain games build on wax blockchain

Why Do P2E Games Build on Wax?

Blockchain technology has several use cases beyond cryptocurrency trading. Although bitcoin was the flagship product of the blockchain industry, it was not enough to...

Conquer The World With Decimated, A Post-Apocalyptic RPG P2E Game

Imagine a world totally in ruins. Nature could no longer cope and the flora and fauna died. Civilization collapsed due to the high pollution....
ECIO space battle P2E game

Three Innovations to Boost Adoption of ECIO, A Space Action P2E Game

ECIO is a P2E game where you can have space battles with unique NFT characters and strategies. In its immersive gameplay, players can fight...
Meet ECIO: The First NFT Space Action-Adventure Game

Ecio to Release Alpha Version of its P2E Game

Ecio is a blockchain game built on the BNB Smart Chain. The game brings an intriguing storyline to the P2E gaming community alongside an...
The Project Quantum

Project Quantum, a AAA P2E Game Backed By Unreal Engine 5

The P2E gaming sector is increasingly expanding. According to CoinGecko, right now, the market cap is $21.9 million and the 24-hour trading volume is...
Discover Crazy Defense Heroes review

Discover Crazy Defense Heroes, a Mobile Free-to-Play and P2E Game

At the time of writing this article, according to DappRadar, the Top 5 P2E games have accumulated $13.43 million in the last 7 days....
Sunflower Farmers P2E Game on the Rise

Sunflower Farmers P2E Game on the Rise

According to DappRadar, Sunflower Farmers saw 450.94K users last week. This is second behind Splinterlands' 513.66K users this same time period. Even further, let's compare...
Mines of Dalarnia Review

Mines of Dalarnia: P2E Game Review

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are boosting their growth since the apparition of Axie Infinity. If you want to be an early adopter of the following...