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what are chanlink's oracles

What Are Chainlink’s Oracles?

Chainlink is one of the most widely used oracle networks. It is a decentralized network that helps smart contracts to access external data securely.  In...
chainlink staking benefits

Four Chainlink’s Staking Improvements

The crypto oracle data provider, Chainlink, has outlined its long-term sustainability roadmap which revolves around staking. It plans to Implement Long-term Sustainability and Economics...
polygon news june week 1

Polygon Updates | Chainlink VRF V2 Launch on Polygon | June Week 1

There are weekly updates in the Polygon ecosystem. Therefore, Altcoin Buzz covers some updates from the last week in May to keep readers informed. Last week, Chainlink...
Chainlink Announces Plans to Launch Staking Features for LINK Holders

Chainlink Announces Plans to Launch Staking Features for LINK Holders

2021 was a remarkable year for the Chainlink community. The Chainlink Oracle network included several new features. For example, it added random number generation...
DeFi news

DeFi Updates | OpenOcean Integrates Chainlink Keepers | Jan Week 1

The DeFi space has continued to grow exponentially and is showing no signs of stopping soon. This fast-rising sphere has also experienced a myriad...

Chainlink Taps Ex-Google CEO As Strategic Advisor

Chainlink is making big moves in the blockchain space with new partnerships and more advisors to ensure it increases its influence among blockchain platforms. In...
Minterest Integrates Chainlink

Minterest Integrates Chainlink into Its Protocol

Minterest is a DeFi protocol that runs on Moonbeam. Their goal is fairer DeFi for all. And accurate price information is necessary if you...
Chainlink TVS

Why ChainLink Reached USD 75 billion in Secured Assets?

This is a significant feat not just for Chainlink but for the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The decentralized oracle platform is providing a...
Top DeFi updates

Top DeFi Updates | Chainlink Partners With YouHodler | Oct Week 3

Decentralized Finance is at the center of activities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. This fast-rising space has also experienced a massive influx of...
Chainlink Spartan Hill stablecoin

Chainlink To Price Feed a CBDC

Spartan Hill is planning to launch a new decentralized Colombian Peso stablecoin. This company is focused on portfolio management. To achieve this, Spartan Hill has...