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SafePal Crypto Hardware wallet

Can SafePal Top Ledger for Hardware Wallets?

Just two companies once dominated the crypto hardware wallet market. Now there is a wide range of options available, and SafePal is emerging as...

First Collection of Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallets to Be Available for Shipping on...

Ledger initially announced that it would start shipping its hardware wallet in March but had to stop production as a result of quality issues...

Ledger Launches App for its Hardware Wallets

Ledger launches Ledger Live, the all-in-one companion app to the Ledger device The French startup Ledger who is famous for the hardware wallets has just...
5 Biggest Risks of Holding Cryptos in Non-Custodial Wallets

5 Biggest Risks of Holding Cryptos in Non-Custodial Wallets

While custodial wallets, where third-party services manage your private keys, offer convenience. However, non-custodial wallets provide users with complete control over their funds. However,...
Best Multisig Wallets to Protect Your Crypto

Best Multisig Wallets to Protect Your Crypto

Cybercrimes have been on the rise over the past two years, and the bulk of their attacks are targeted at crypto investors. So, one...
top 3 loopring wallets

Top 3 Loopring Wallets

Loopring is a layer 2 chain built on top of Ethereum. It offers an order book platform for devs to build DEXes with a...
top 3 stellar wallets

Top 3 Stellar Wallets

Stellar wants to set up a global financial system. This network should be compatible with any financial system around the world. Jed McCaleb launched...
Best tezos wallets

Top 3 Tezos Wallets

We’ve written a lot about Tezos over the past couple of months. And that’s because Tezos has one of the fastest-growing communities. The widespread...
the best kava wallets

Top 3 Kava Wallets

Kava is a blockchain that’s really unique and powerful. First, it’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. So, developers can port their Decentralized Applications (dApps)...
Top3 Aleph Zero Wallets

Top 3 Aleph Zero Wallets

Web3 wallets are the gatekeepers of your digital fortune. So, with the increasing popularity of cryptos, there are now many available wallets to choose from....