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McDonald’s Launches 'My Happy Place' Metaverse in Singapore

McDonald’s Launches ‘My Happy Place’ Metaverse in Singapore

This innovative venture marks the American fast-food giant’s foray into the virtual realm. It's in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs, the metaverse division of entertainment...
Somnia Launches Metaverse Browser for Easy Web3 Access

Somnia Launches Metaverse Browser for Easy Web3 Access

It is a set of omnichain protocols that connect Metaverses. Somnia has launched its Metaverse Browser. The Metaverse browser simplifies the experience of Web3...
Meta Shift Focus From Gaming to Education

Meta Shift Focus From Gaming to an Education Metaverse

In a move aimed at revolutionizing education, Meta has announced its plans to extend its enterprise-level Quest services to the education sector. The announcement...
NEXT BIG Metaverse! Better than Sandbox & Decentraland

Somnia, a Better Metaverse than Sandbox & Decentraland?

Metaverse and game lovers, we have something very cool for you today. A betanet launch. But it’s not just for one metaverse. It’s for...
Victoria VR Launches First Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro

Victoria VR Launches First Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro

Apple recently launched its Apple Vision Pro Headset. This is a massive boost for the metaverse narrative. Following this launch, another lesser-known company took...
metaverse on bitcoin

The Metaverse Has Arrived on Bitcoin?

In the crypto space today, many Metaverses are well in development. Usually, these projects are built on Layer 1 blockchains. But, Bitcoin has made...
apple vision pro

What Apple Vision Pro means for the Metaverse?

Apple, a leading innovator in the tech industry, has unveiled its groundbreaking Vision Pro Glasses. These wearable augmented reality (AR) VR glasses are poised...
paradox metaverse

A Review of Paradox Metaverse

Unreal Engine 5, AAA games, and blockchain. Sounds familiar? There are a handful of on-chain games available that have these features. The Paradox Metaverse...
hottest gaming gem in 2023

Crypto Gaming & Metaverse MEGA Gem: SIDUS HEROES

Imagine your favorite type of game. Maybe it’s strategy, a first-person shooter, or a battle style. And what if you didn’t have to choose between...
the sandbox review

Everything About The Sandbox Metaverse, Part 2

This is Part 2 of an article series about the Sandbox Metaverse. Here’s a link to Part 1.  This is a continuation article from our previous...