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top 3 p2e games in avalanche

Top 3 Avalanche P2E Games

People have been looking for scalable P2E games alternatives ever since CryptoKitties caused issues for Ethereum in late 2017. One blockchain that has been gaining...
Flow Blockchain and Its Top P2E Games

Flow Blockchain and Its Top P2E Games

Flow is a blockchain designed for gaming. However, since its launch, it has expanded. One of the project's top NFT collections is NBA Top...
Top 10 Reasons Why P2E Games Aren’t Growing, Part 2

Top 10 Reasons Why P2E Games Aren’t Growing, Part 2

We recently published an article on why P2E games aren't growing, games that our community seemed heavily interested in. So, here's the second part...
kryxivia p2e game review

Kryxivia is a Huge RPG P2E Gem on Polygon

Kryxivia is a game we are really high on. And they have some new updates. This is what their updated new dungeons for PvP...
10 reasons why p2e games aren't growing

Top 10 Reasons Why P2E Games Aren’t Growing, Part 1

When the P2E games arrived on the scene, it looked like they were going to rule the waves. However, the sailing is not as...
top 5 games december 2022

Top 5 Upcoming P2E Gaming Projects

Online blockchain gaming and gamifying keeps growing. The entrance requirements ease up. We show various free-to-play games that are P2E gaming projects. One game...
affyn metaverse review

Merge The Virtual & Real World in Affyn, a Mobile P2E Metaverse

If you've played and got addicted to Pokemon Go, Affyn will be your favorite metaverse. Affyn is a play-to-earn metaverse built on Polygon's blockchain...
metalcore review

Discover Metalcore, An NFT-Based Space Combat P2E Game

It's 2269 and a civil war has broken out in the solar system. However, not everything was bad, because a technology, called "The Fabricator"...
immutable x review

Why Immutable X Could be The Next Big Thing in P2E Games?

Layer 2 solutions are the big thing currently in the crypto space. They are independent blockchains, built on top of Ethereum. We call them...
why blockchain games build on wax blockchain

Why Do P2E Games Build on Wax?

Blockchain technology has several use cases beyond cryptocurrency trading. Although bitcoin was the flagship product of the blockchain industry, it was not enough to...