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what is thorchain

What Is THORChain? Part 2

THORChain is a cross-chain blockchain that offers swapping with native tokens. We answer 4 popular questions about THORChain. This is Part 2 of our...
thorchain review

What Is THORChain? Part 1

Cross-chain and interoperability are the future for blockchains. Projects and their users must be able to move their assets freely around. THORChain offers this....

THORChain, a Guide to Staking and Liquidity Pools

THORChain is an altcoin gem that promotes interoperability. Currently, they are the only blockchain that can swap tokens without the need to wrap them....
THORChain RUNE review

Discover THORChain (RUNE) , The Next Hidden Altcoin Gem

Cross-chain or interoperability. This seems to be the keyword for blockchains in 2022. Keeping all transactions exclusive on your very own blockchain is just...

THORChain (RUNE), the King of Unwrapped Swaps

In 2021, THORChain (RUNE) went through some rough times. In July, they were the target of three hacks. Although one hack was a white...
Bitcoin Comes to THORChain With Public Testnet Launch

Bitcoin Comes to THORChain With Public Testnet Launch

Contributors of popular cross-chain liquidity network THORChain announced the launch of the network's multichain public Bitcoin testnet. The much-anticipated multichain testnet on THORChain will...
Thorchain testnet 4, other updates

Thorchain Testnet 4 And Other Updates

The popular decentralized network known for facilitating cross-chain liquidity pools, Thorchain has released details of updates on its network in the last one month. Thorchain...
ThorChain successful testnet launch and other updates

THORChain Successful Testnet Launch, Planning Public Release

Popular proof-of-stake liquidity protocol THORChain recently carried out a testnet with a small segment of its community. The testnet turned out to be quite...
THORwallet maya protocol partnership

THORWallet Partners with Maya Protocol to Boost Cross-Chain Liquidity

In the last month, THORWallet has achieved important partnerships the BNB Chain and Rango Exchange. However, there is another achievement that will let you...
What Are Cosmos Airdrops and How to Get Them?

What Are Cosmos Airdrops and How to Get Them?

In today's competitive blockchain space, Cosmos is a force to be reckoned with. With huge projects like BNB Chain, Cronos, and THORChain as part...