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bridge tokens

5 Ways to Bridge Tokens From Any Blockchain

DeFi, though still pretty much nascent, has completely revolutionized the blockchain space. However, this sector can also be intimidating and difficult to navigate for...
LUNA price to cero

Terra Unveils Plan to Revive its Token

The Luna blockchain found itself in hot water last week following the crash of its LUNA token, which powers the Terra ecosystem. A combination...

MEXC MX Token as an Alternative

The MEXC exchange is moving up. There's only one exchange that offers more coins. For the number of trading pairs on offer, they're in...
Token standard

How Crucial are Token Standards to the Blockchain Space?

The blockchain industry is a vast world. So there's every likelihood that you might have heard of some terms but don't understand what they're...
Token Standards, What Are They?

Token Standards, What Are They?

Once you get involved in crypto, you will work with all kinds of different token standards. Probably without even realizing it. For instance, there...
Deposit AVAX/sAVAX

6 Ways to Invest your AVAX/sAVAX Tokens to Get Attractive Yields

Decentralized finance protocol, Vector Finance, has expanded its staking offerings. The new pools are of particular interest to AVAX holders as they offer potentially...
how to earn and stake tokens in MEXC

How To Earn And Stake Tokens On MEXC Exchange

In our previous article, we have explained how you can create an account in the MEXC exchange, perform basic trading operations like deposit, withdraw,...
EVAI – Crypto Asset Rating Platform

Evai (EV) Token Launches This Week

The team behind the pioneering Evai.io platform are about to release the native EV token. The launch follows the development of the world’s first...
Buy HAWK tokens in MEXC

Buy the HAWK Token in MEXC Exchange in a Few Clicks

Hawksight is a DeFi platform where anyone can make automated investments with a couple of clicks on Solana and Terra. HAWK, its native token,...
elfin kingdom

Elfin Kingdom Public Token Sale is Coming

Elfin Kingdom is having its public token sale on April 27th. Let's take a look and see why their ELFIN token may be one...