Our Ser Ether Knight Dohaeris Collectible Giveaway is over. We have selected the best comments from the Altcoin Buzz Youtube Channel. Did you win? Find out below. There are 40 winners in total.

I knew I should’ve commented on these videos as they came out. Commenting on every video to try and get the collectible seems like studying for a test I left until just before the exam. 0x299A024682163761Ea33fb63a73994A0d417BD46
0xeb367ece6154dfe858c4168e7626c206dc734aee (hoping to win!!) I originally thought it was discouraging to hear about the lack of developer interaction, but I had another thought too.. Kind of like what was said, they are obviously putting there time and focus elsewhere. But why? Maybe it’s because help is needed elsewhere, whereas Dogecoin and LTC may already be at where they need to be as far as “development”.. So maybe it isn’t a bad thing?..
Love the updates! My go to source 0xC6Bbda487a4052f18cFFD088D5a3D6d5c0AcD720
Altcoin Buzz Army love and appreciates the consistent updates, thanks, damn really want that Ser Ether Knight ? Eth/Enjin Address: 0x0c1A7FD4D72119e651c72F2800E13d2b772aA11c
Thanks again Mattie! Definitely getting too political, they need to concentrate on the fundamentals and what’s being built. A great time to be in something so early and just watching the community and tech develop. 0xCb27511AD58897aE291A45fa60C12E72AF6F7eDB
Didnt think I’d ever switch from Chrome browser but suprisingly Brave is now go to browser. Usability and ad blocking are a huge plus. 0xDBA5C299103D0CC8c6422ccf4c4f6B18FF5841dD
Thanks for the vid, solid as always. These occasional, unexplained de-adoptions are annoying, but probably not a big deal in the long run. Still, it seems that adoption is what is really needed. Some of the projects in this space are beginning to offer user friendly experiences. That’s probably the key to large scale retail adoption. 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB
Man, that collectible looks nice! It would look nicer in my wallet though. 0x7Eb9DFEE907B0616cEa51F08ee93A50EC5a1b38a
Sharing your channel on my Telegram group if that’s okay. People asking me for a crypto news channel and you’re the first to come to mind 0x8b17b288a02A875EDB48C2d2aeA432F3375BDCAB
Ideally, I would like 1 Bitcoin and hold it until retirement. And if possible, a 2nd Bitcoin that I can sell at some high value and pay off my house. 0x5dBD347058b6CD39713971DeED32B57ABd281c6d
Good overview of whats going on! ?? Hope i can get that collectible 0xa5855f4F40a409fFDe3a171eB616926AEc5D7B9C
No matter what you may think of CZ and Binance, you must give them their due…they continue to come up with compelling use cases for the BNB token, so it continues to increase in value. Dohaeris token to complete my AB collection? Yes please! Wallet: 0x49326c97Bb76A0304cE0041b5cFf1635E012549b
Man, that collectible looks nice! It would look nicer in my wallet though. 0x7Eb9DFEE907B0616cEa51F08ee93A50EC5a1b38a
Jack injecting capital into crypto? obviously he put part of his own capital in crypto, and now with Square Crypto he will be shill it. Adoption is happening slowing, but happening 🙂 0x8962A5B11469f103F198978570024E18D15a1a30
I think IOTA has come at the wrong time. It’s too ahead of its time, we’re still not done with the blockchain hype and they upped the ante with a tangle. 0x7EF63cbC3fEe7ED398BA71a924ffEe038F2e3534
Yes! Have been believing in Stellar since 30 cents, ANYTHING below 30 cents is an easy buy in my opinion, and with the recent news, my statement perfectly makes sense! Stack up before next run, any coins with use case like stellar is a safe bet. Love the daily content! 0x081591764A13E72Aeb6bed098e7DA34063eA8aC4
Minting Enjin backed erc1155 items is really fun and can be very profitable 0x91454A307C20695B70ddF5436E726d4aC8A29346
Hopefully Enjin will become a new gaming standard and bring in that mass adoption. True ownership of your items, ingame and out. 0x3FC0a402ae9b98ddAa59dc533cd41b278Fd8e5ce
Thx for the news and updates i own a little bag of kin gonna take a look at all this!!! 0x547F15D17178af4d6646FE11eedb909222c8Ae63
Teether likes being the drama queen in the room. If it’s not getting enough attention, it steps it up a notch. Thanks for the updates! Enjin Collectable: 0x9d7483245048b7aF7F05100d5eF534C5DF208847
Awesome Video! You are my go to YouTube channel. Keep up the great work Matty!! 0x548e915612Fd7f1b917A7C9782439b9a38DdEF87
Always look forward to your videos. These vids have become the best part of my summer cardio routine! 0xDBA5C299103D0CC8c6422ccf4c4f6B18FF5841dD
Always look forward to your videos. These vids have become the best part of my summer cardio routine! 0xDBA5C299103D0CC8c6422ccf4c4f6B18FF5841dD
Trying to fill my Cardano bags at these cheap, cheap prices! Be interested to hear your take on Elastos? Also for my chance to win that knight thing – 0x1D620A1fF5D0275E0e596251b442CbdEA13093f8
Happy st patty day, Ada all the way 0xe6862f3a6d011C086a6674906e1eFcbD18e92100
In my opinion there is a high chance of another enjin pump coming because i think they will announce some new info about their partnership with samsung there collectibles address: 0x0f37F1faA2dd3466E5d6FC7a4D25EC390535c267
I think you guys do a pretty good job staying objective? But you should definitely let me get one of them Dohareas Targaryens though?? 0xe492381aE342DAb1eecF72Eb584484347fE07A18
“The best comment and wallet address” there smashed it 🙂 nice article balance, clear content without the fud or shill.. Thanks Buzz team. Oh and: 0x8CaCA54249cF098b27F5D30FDAF3ee01536B3ae0
Great job guys as always. Huge partnerships will push us up to the bright future !!! 0xf4696B8e8e1Fa164e5330f7c76e7A0bAE72dB0E2
I do not care crypto news because i subscribed ALTCOIN BUZZ. They talk about everyting i need. 0x108E26931DBC194663a04BB1FE696BF0d627BB59
THETA is going to be HUGE. Partnered with Samsung. Streaming content on demand, up to, and including, VR via 5G. YouTube killer! 0x56267490EaA03B0d0Eb550037c83Aa38d60fc470
Been following for a while and enjoy the content…keep up the good work 0xaF265Ec7B097eC018B11D03CFD7c3e3Edd5ffeF2
Thanks for the collectible giveaway, hope to get it here – 0x71928451a7d128e954f1d8cC7423C1544F3Cfdd7
Enjin collectables from you guys are amazing! You should be hired by the Enjin team! 0x49B7bA58dFE0d5c3814176f77Cd4033FD005E9E7
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. I definitely think crypto is building up to something big and there are still those that are fighting it under the guise that it is all a scam and crypto has no future. But, on the other hand, just look at the big players entering or looking at entering the game now: Alibaba, HTC with MANA, Samsung with Enjin, Facebook, JPM etc. Change is coming…and we have only just begun! 0xcE1708823Ba25d937A88BcA2ccc645aDe2E90297
TRX is a good marketing project if they get their chain better they can lead the way , sometimes its not the best its the loudest that gets chosen and TRX is definately a loud MOFO , I LOVE YOU GUYS < some of the true OG of crypoto thanks for all your news , HOLDING ZEC , KMD , WAN , ICX ( which should moon since they helped samsung with samsung pass and they as you know just released enjin news so icon connects all chains so could have many use cases for SAMSUNG ) instead of worrying about 51% attack KOMODO already solved that issue and also has had 50k TPS , they can do 1 mill atomic swaps per second and they run a decentral exchange they are doing things that most cryptos promise will be done in next 5 years , they can be implemented today and they now do their 5 bullet point fridays to keep everyone interested and they also forked 40 chains at once so they have made the most real world moves imho , I am going big on them on final capitualktion adding .75 BTC , PLEASE PIUCK ME I NEVER WON ANYTHING 0x531E5779a6bb4C90725b373166Fcb0A8C803B03c
Altcoin Buzz continuing to kill it, free giveaways? Always watch you guys for the first video of the day. Hat’s off to you guys, hat’s off! 0x843e24fC4b3F2C253d36d1C46c19274A9faBbCd4
You can point it out so good Mattie! Altcoin season has begun! 0x259362807D83BcFb4bc9d030Dd23584148440c3F
0x43E437850F097D995D0e304B7472D0FcAAB06259 It’s amazing we get the big screen excitement of “Ready Player One” last year, and now progress towards real version is making headway with Enjin. Sci-fi to reality time-lag seems to be lessening.
0xD0106865f364ba35Db70AeEBE757697cb52b68cA We are the pioneers of crypto currency!!! We will hold our head high at that moment it blows thru the roof and know we were here when it started!

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