Anarcade is a web 3 integrated, arcade-themed, mini-games & casino platform, dedicated to (degens) crypto heads, gamers & gamblers. Altcoin Buzz General Manager Anindya (Ani) Baidya anchored the Anarcade AMA session with Conor Noone, Founder of the crypto casino platform.

Segment 1: Introduction to Anarcade
Q – Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Anarcade.

I am one of the co-founders of Anarcade, a part of a large team including 2 other co-founders who have a lot of experience in the crypto space. I have been part of launching several other projects in the metaverse and NFT space.

My background is in Commercial Tech and marketing in the web2 space but got into crypto in 2015. I would say I am very hands-on with Anarcade on a day-to-day basis. I am super passionate about the project and work on all levels from community to product development. But my main role would be to develop relationships and partnerships across the crypto and gaming space.

Q – Can you tell us a bit about your company, the team, and the motivation?

Anarcade is a web 3 integrated, arcade-themed, mini-games & casino platform, dedicated to (degens) crypto heads, gamers & gamblers. Our goal is to build a platform like which has 100s of millions of dollars wagered on their platform daily.

The project’s mission is to provide ‘degens’ an alternative gaming and gambling experience with an array of low-risk to high-reward arcade games, with a vision to develop a hub for web 3 projects to host peer-to-peer tournaments and competitions (like an affiliate platform for metaverse games).

Since the launch of the Anarcade BETA platform on 21.09.22, the project has secured $35,000 in user deposits & 2.5k sign-ups. Anarcade’s Twitter currently exceeds 24k followers and has a discord community of 8k+ members. We have done everything fully organic and all self-funded, we have a super passionate team that is putting blood sweat, and tears into this.

We are focused on creating an awesome brand with a retro 80s, punk/anarchy vibe and have been developing some crazy art to flex with across the crypto and NFT space.


  • BETA platform live –
  • Multi-Chain Payment Integration: ETH, MATIC, SOL, BSC, FTM
  • ZERO GAS FEES on Platform
  • Native games include: Blackjack, Coin Flip & Raffles
  • Signed agreements to Licensed 3rd party slots & mini game providers
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Deep Token Utility System


  • Core team raised over $40 million between projects.
  • BetU Token (20x on launch)
  • UNIX Gaming (33 Million raise)
  • Slotie NFT (Minted out in 5 minutes)
  • 15+ years experience in online gambling
  • Connections to the biggest affiliates, providers, and players in the space.

✅ Anarcade BETA Live

✅ Gas Less Transactions, Mini Games & Multi Chain Deposits.

– Launch of Anarcade NFTs – FREE MINT

– Integration of peer-to-peer games & slots

– Token SEED & PRIVATE sale

– Token IDO

– Platform v2 Development


Segment 2: Deep Dive
Q – Tell us more about your ecosystem. How does it work?

We love crypto and we love to degen, but so many projects launched with nothing behind them,  We created a beta version of our platform to show and build some trust with our community!

We also would love to have a business in the crypto space which doesn’t just require more users to buy our token but to also build something unique where our platform can generate income to sustain our tokenomics.

The Ecosystem is a web2 business that is web3 integrated so we want to leverage the funds we make in web2 and bring liquidity to web3 and use that to support our token and our holders. We will not be fully dependent on the crypto market. So by buying an NFT or the token, you will become part of the success of the business and grow with us.

As mentioned we have some minigames like blackjack and coinflip that you can go on currently play and win some money. We also have our raffles platform live where you can enter cash raffles and some NFT raffles. We are using this platform to be able to collaborate with all the other NFT and token projects in the space and help them bring liquidity and exposure to their collections. This is allowing us to grow fast and cross-pollinate with other communities.

As you can see above We currently have live raffles and two original games! Punks vs Apes & Black with many more to come!

Q – Do you have existing competitors in Web 3? and roobet are very big players, but neither of them is building a community they are just a platform that accepts crypto. They don’t have a token or NFTs

There are other small players in the NFT space doing individual games like coin flip but not taking things to the level we are.

Q – Tell us about your token. What will it be used for?

Well, this is where we want to keep things very simple. Right now 99% of tokens are down and a big reason for that is bad tokenomics. So we are completely avoiding the typical utilities and reward systems that cause downward pressure on the token. We only want upwards pressure. So our key utility will be buying and burning the token. So the better the business does the better the token does as we use profits and liquidity from outside of the token ecosystem to pump the token and reduce circulating supply.

We will at a later stage allow you to use the token on the platform as well as reward you for holding more tokens, an example of this is the more tokens you hold the more kickbacks (ie cash return) you will get on any losses you might have on the platform

Q – You also talked about NFTs, can you elaborate more?

Yes the NFTs are something that we are having a lot of fun with and will be the base of our community, our OGs, our affiliates, and advocates for the project.

We are all about community and doing something fun that people can get behind and enjoy this slow time in the market. NFTs are an amazing place for the community and have very passionate buyers and enthusiasts. These are the people who will grow our business from the ground up.

Q – What can we expect from you in the coming days?

Well, we have just taken on some new advisors and some strategic investment so we are starting to put some big plans in place for the NFTs and our player growth. We will be setting the mint date for the NFTs and releasing our first sneak peeks of the art. So go to our Twitter and follow us as well as join the Discord and get your WL for the free mint. Check the pinned tweet

Secondly, we will start to build out our ads and affiliate network to start bringing some big numbers to the platform from the traditional gaming market.

Q – I can see in your Twitter title, FREE MINT. When is that? How can the community participate?

Yes, we will be setting the date in the next few days we aim for the first week of December. Check our Twitter for further details.

Closing words

For anyone for wants to participate and have some fun,

  • Create an account at
  • Deposit $2 and double your money (if you can)
  • Join our discord and claim your degen role to get whitelisted for the NFT and Presale of the Token
  • Discord

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