Banker Turned Artist to Reveal Her NFT on Terra Virtua

An award-winning tech and multimedia artist, Amrita Sethi, is all set to unveil her first 3D waveform “Voice Note Art” concept called “What the NFT?!” in a few days. It will be revealed on the 7th of May during an online exhibition hosted by Terra Virtua on its Twitch channel at 5:30 British Summer Time. At the end of the live exhibition, the artwork will be available on the Terra Virtua website for bidding.

Amrita Sethi holds extensive expertise in delivering promising voice notes art and even won the “Outstanding Artist Award” at World Art Dubai in 2019 for her new concept. She left a successful career of 15+ years as an investment banker to create unique multimedia art using traditional painting methods, collage, and 3D printed artwork. Now her sight is set on the NFT space.

She is joining the latest craze of the crypto sector – NFTs – to secure her digital work and make it more accessible for internet users than ever before. Her latest artwork is a mixture of audio, video, and storytelling – all combined to trace the journey of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

She will use the sound waves of spoken words “What the NFT” to create a 3D animation edition, allowing participants to flow through a visualization of the verbal phrase. The artwork will include the symbolic representations of technology, NFTs, and the crypto space. A 2D edition of the same digital collectible will also be available after the live auction. While the 3D artwork has a reserve price of £100,000, the 2D piece’s auction will start from £50,000.

Both the artworks will be available on the Twitch channel of Terra Virtua on May 7 for anyone to experience the live exhibition. Once the live event ends, the 24-hour auction will begin on the Terra Virtua website.

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Feature image courtesy of Twitter/@artbyamrita


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