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Bloktopia is a virtual cryptocurrency skyscraper that was created and backed by Polygon (formerly Matic). They aim to give a unique virtual reality (VR) experience to their users, bringing them together in an engaging and immersive environment.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the Bloktopia AMA session on our Telegram channel. He was joined by Paddy Carroll, the co-founder of Bloktopia. The AMA took place on October 1st, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Paddy Carroll to understand what the company has been up to recently. The AMA was in three segments; introduction, deep dive, and community question & answer.

Segment 1: Introduction

Q – Do tell us about yourself. What’s your background, and how did you come up with the idea of Bloktopia?

So my background is marketing. I have worked for some of the largest brands in the UK, such as BT Group and Flutter Entertainment.

Ross is the co-founder and CEO of Bloktopia; we met at University. Ross started to get involved in the crypto space in 2015. As his experience and understanding of crypto evolved, Ross felt like a gap in the market for a central area that contained everything about the industry. As NFT and Metaverse demand and technological capability grew, focusing the idea within that medium made sense.

Ross started talking to me about the idea to help build out the commercial scope. After digesting and understanding the concept, I decided to leap out of the corporate environment to join Ross in what quite frankly has been a pretty crazy journey so far.

Q – So, is your entire team based out of the UK? Tell us more about your team.

Yes, we are all UK-based. Alongside Ross and I is Simon Benson, our CTO. Simon was one of the co-founders of Sony Playstation VR, so he has brought a wealth of experience to the table.

We are building Bloktopia out in the Unity Engine and have a team of developers working on finalizing the ground floor, Level One. We will have a video play-through of this to share in the next day or so. There are currently 30 of us working on the project here, but we have started engaging marketing agencies worldwide – such as Magic Few, who worked on the launch of Star Atlas.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

Q – So Bloktopia is a Metaverse, a Skyscraper made up of 21 levels. This sounds very interesting. Tell us more about it.

Yes, it sure is.

Bloktopia is a beautiful, cyberpunk-themed virtual reality tower with a world-class user experience. Visitors can engage in basic or advanced learning from some of the world-leading minds in the Crypto industry – earn revenue, play games with friends, build networks, and much more.

I like to say to people, think of Bloktopia as a shopping mall. Each store has a different project, exchange, influencer, or crypto brand offering an immersive customer experience instead of just retail.

Q – The other metaverses are building Lands, but you are a 21-floor building instead of that? What is the advantage of such a decision? And, what is your final vision?

There is some fantastic Metaverse out there, really cool.

We are lucky to have good relationships with a few of them too. What I would say is, the thing which distinguishes Bloktopia from other Metaverse is that it is more focused on the commercial side of crypto. It will be an enclosed space, not a sprawling world that is cumbersome to navigate. That means our users will easily find the information that they wish to engage in. Points of interest will be signposted; we are building stunning sightlines and visual effects, UX will be considered at every step. We think that makes us unique.

The problem Bloktopia will fix is the ubiquitous nature of the cryptocurrency world. Instead of checking several different apps, websites, social media platforms every day, you can come to Bloktopia, where everything will be in one place.

Q – What are the different ways (revenue streams) a participant can earn in Bloktopia?

Well, look, our IDO for $BLOK, our native token. It is next week, on the 5th and 6th October. We are using four launchpads, Red Kite, Seedify, Oxbull, and Trustpad.

$BLOK will act as a currency within Bloktopia, allowing people to purchase items within our world. $BLOK will initially be used to buy NFTs, which will be sold for Real Estate (Reblok) and Advertising space (Adblok) in Bloktopia, which both generate incomes from advertisers and rental fees. Meaning that all NFT’s within Bloktopia, whether Reblok or Adblok, generate revenue for the holders and the more typical asset appreciation.

On the other hand, our land sales will be in phases throughout the rest of the year before Bloktopia goes live. Beyond that, when it is live, $BLOK will be essential to customize avatars, your virtual spaces to access exclusive events. So that means you need it, and we are giving lots of opportunities to get it, including daily free-to-play games where BLOK can be won.

We also have a play-to-earn game, where you can enter a prize draw to win a real-life Lamborghini delivered to your door.

Q – Regarding the future land sales, will they be via auctions or direct fixed price purchase?

The Bloktopia Land Sale portal will open next week, after IDO. We will be setting a price for the Reblok and Adblok NFTs on sale in the first phase.

Q – Can you give us a beginner’s strategy? How much $BLOK should one accumulate during or Post IDO to be ready for the land sales and use it for other stuff?

Well, that depends on what you’d like to be and how you’d like to operate in our Metaverse. First of all, you need $BLOK. That’s how you get involved.

If you’d like to be a landlord and earn a decent rental fee from our anchor tenants like Jake Paul, Bitboy, Polygon, or Avalanche, then you’d buy a more premium Level One NFT. You would have landlord and governance responsibility in this capacity.

If you wanted to earn from global advertising brands and sit back and do very little – buy some Adblok. If you’re going to own virtual space and use it as a place to play, create and socialize with friends, you’d be buying a space a little higher in the tower.

The critical factor is that if you’d like to gain one of these revenue-generating NFTs, you need to buy $BLOK.

Q – Coming back to the IDO, not all community members will have Launchpad tokens; when and where are you getting listed after the IDO? Will it be Pancakeswap?

I’m afraid we haven’t released that news yet. But, I can tell you that on October 6th, we will be on a DEX and CEX.

Q – Will you be in Polygon, as Polygon supports you, or will you be interoperable?

Yes, our focus is on Polygon. They have been a beneficial partner for us from day one, securing us a grant, investing in the project, and even becoming one of our anchor tenants. Polygon is quick, scalable, can hold NFTs, is the number one blockchain for gaming, and is low cost. So they were a prominent partner for us. They are our first focus, over the team, let’s see.

Segment 3: Community Question and Answer

Q. Telegram – What or Who inspired #Bloktopia to create such a fantastic trailer as well as the whole project? What will be the benefits of buying a $BLOK token from IGO/IDO, and how much development there will be for the $BLOK token and Its holders in the future?

Thanks so much, we are delighted with it! We have taken inspiration from a lot of different areas; cyberpunk was always a strong theme. We want Bloktopia to feel futuristic, something new and exciting in an otherwise decaying world. Our Unity developers took that narrative on board nicely.

Guys, if I could ask you all to do one thing today, it would be to go and watch the trailer.

Q. Telegram – What is your top priority for 2021? Can you and your team members share a bit about the strategy that Bloktopia will implement shortly? What makes the team feel confident of winning in the long run?

So, right now, we have a video play-through of Level One coming to fruition. Our IDO is on the 5th and 6th of October. Then our NFT Land Sale begins. After that, we still have 20 more levels to build in Unity, more projects, brands, and influencers too onboard, and we need to integrate everything seamlessly into the Blockchain. We are looking at a release in Q1 2022. So getting your hands on that Lambo isn’t too far away.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Paddy Carroll, Bloktopia CEO, for taking part in the AMA session on October 1st on our Telegram channel.

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