Crypto experts believe we are getting closer to a bull market for alts. And that’s when all your holdings get to pay off (that’s if you hold the right tokens). Thankfully, we have a little time before tokens begin to soar. So, there’s still a chance to get in on good projects.

As you’d expect, there are lots of tokens now. So, the easiest way to filter is to search for good projects on reliable crypto exchanges. One of the exchanges that’s suitable for getting good projects is BYDFi.

It makes it easy to trade cryptocurrencies. The best part is that they go the extra mile to list projects that meet certain criteria. First, these projects must have strong and active communities. This helps to ensure long-term demand. Secondly, the project should have robust and secure technology for their token. BYDFi also looks at the team’s credibility. The exchange does not list projects with questionable team members. BYDFi also considers regulatory compliance a huge factor in listing tokens.

BYDFi has a massive user base. So, the tokens listed enjoy seriously big exposure, which helps push their prices up. There’s also the added benefit of accessing tokens that might be hard to find on other exchanges.

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If you are searching for new projects for your portfolio, then new listings on BYDFi are a good option. Luckily, they recently added five new pairs. We researched these tokens, and one of them recently hit a new all-time high. Another of these tokens has seen a one-year growth rate of 139%. Now, let’s look at these new listings.


Pendle Finance is one of the big players in the LSDfi (Liquid Staking Derivatives finance) market. It unlocks new ways you can profit from your crypto holdings. With Pendle, you can speculate and hedge future yields. This provides a unique approach to yield investment.

Pendle’s approach involves separating yield-generating tokens into ownership and yield tokens. The ownership represents the underlying asset. And the yield tokens are claims to the future yield of the underlying asset.

Source: DeFilama

Pendle currently has a TVL of $6.682b. This showcases its role as a strong player in the LSDFI market. The PENDLE token is already listed on the top exchanges. However, getting PENDLE on BYDFi enables you to tap into an exchange with great liquidity. And security. Plus, BYDFi has a friendly interface. So, even newbies can navigate the complex DeFi space.

Axelar (AXL)

Blockchain interoperability projects are in high demand. And that’s where Axelar plays. The project focuses on helping assets and data easily flow between networks. Axelar helps create a unified blockchain ecosystem. Furthermore, Axelar functions as an open-source network. So, developers can program cross-chain logic and share data across blockchain networks.

Think of Axelar as the Internet of blockchains. It relies on a set of validators and relayers to securely share data across chains. Buying Axelar on BYDFi is a smart move because the exchange supports a wide number of tokens. So, there are lots of pairs and opportunities. Plus, BYDFi offers competitive fees. This way, you can keep more of your profits when trading AXL.

Open Campus (EDU)

Education is another budding sector in Web3. It is one of the narratives that could pick up in this bull market. The likes of Changpeng Zhao have already indicated interest in the field. So, we expect Web3 education to get competitive.

The best part is that the sector is still in its early stages. So, getting a good project now could be a boost for your portfolio. Open Campus has good fundamentals. Their goal is to leverage blockchain to create a decentralized educational platform.

With Open Campus, different stakeholders take part in education. These stakeholders include teachers, parents, students, content creators, and publishers. The project is community-driven. So a content creator receives a reward if the community appreciates their content. Teachers receive the $EDU token as a reward when they sell their content.

Open Campus has already secured top partners, such as

  • Binance Labs
  • Animoca Brands
  • Sequoia

Buying their EDU token could be a smart move for your portfolio. And it’s easier to get EDU on BYDFi, especially for Americans and Canadians.

Stratis (STRAX)

Stratis is a blockchain development platform. It focuses on helping Microsoft developers to develop blockchain solutions in a familiar language. Stratis provides the tools and software kits needed for developers to easily adopt blockchain technology.

The Stratis architecture is based on Bitcoin. So, it prioritizes security. Interestingly, the Stratis ecosystem is not solely focused on developers. There is room for regular users to earn. For example, STRAX token holders can leverage staking and Masternode deployment to profit from the ecosystem. STRAX is currently available on several Tier1 exchanges. But you can easily get it from BYDFi without the usual hassle of centralized exchanges.

Synapse (SYN)

Synapse provides secure cross-communication between chains. It plays a huge role within the DeFi ecosystem by facilitating asset transfers. It currently supports asset transfers between more than 10 blockchains.

With the Synapse bridge, you can connect to wallets like

  • Metamask
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Aside from bridging, Synapse enables users to swap assets and add liquidity. This project is a good option for people interested in DeFi. BYDFi is a good place to get this token.

At BYDFi, you can trade spot markets without KYC or perp markets with KYC. Even Americans and Canadians can. So check them out on BYDFI today.


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