The interest in cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly and more celebrities are being drawn towards the allure of cryptocurrencies.

More and more famous people are getting into cryptocurrencies. Most recently, Ellen DeGeneres tried to explain what Bitcoin is, during an episode of her world-famous TV-show.

“Pretend like bitcoin is a goat. Now it’s adorable… and you want to pick it up and you want to pet it. But you can’t because it’s not there, it doesn’t exist except for on that Internet right there, just like bitcoin is digital currency.”

Ellen is not the only one who is interested in cryptocurrencies, there are plenty of celebrities who are investing in crypto, accepting crypto as a payment option or operating as an advisor.

Here are some of the most notable celebrity endorsements:

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is a famous Hollywood actor. He is also known for his appearance in Shark Tank and for being an early investor in Uber and Airbnb. In 2014 he started talking about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He also tweeted about Ethereum in 2014 and he is an investor in the cryptocurrency exchange, BitBay.

Jamie Foxx

In September 2017, the famous Oscar-winning actor and comedian, Jamie Foxx, also jumped on the cryptocurrency train. In a post on Twitter, he endorsed the Cobinhood ICO: “Looking forward to participating in the new @cobinhood Token! ZERO fee trading!”

Lionel Messi

The football superstar has been partnering with Sirin Labs and he posted on his Instagram: “Excited about blockchain and happy to join @SirinLabs as a partner.” Lionel Messi has more than 90M followers on Facebook and Instagram.

DJ Khaled

Khaled is a famous producer and musician behind hits like “I’m The One” and “Wild Thoughts” featuring Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and many others. On his Instagram, DJ Khaled promoted an ICO called Centra, a digital wallet app that allows users to store digital currency. However, Centra faced a number of issues, and DJ Khaled’s post has been removed.

Katy Perry

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$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$

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The singing superstar, Katy Perry, recently posted a photo of her nails on Instagram with the caption: “$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$”. But, this is not the first Katy Perry has shown her interest in cryptocurrencies. Back in November 2017, she posted a photo sitting next to Warren Buffet with the caption: “nbd just asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency.“

Honorable mentions

Mike Tyson

Last year Mike Tyson teamed up with Bitcoin Direct, an ATM that allows users to convert real-world cash into the digital currency.

50 Cent

He accidentally made $8 million for accepting Bitcoin for his 2014 album “Animal Ambition.” In an Instagram post, 50 cent said he forgot about the bitcoin payments, which sat in his account for four years.

Paris Hilton

She promoted Lydian Coin in a tweet: “Looking forward to participating in the new @LydianCoinLtd Token! #ThisIsNotAnAd #CryptoCurrency #BitCoin #ETH #BlockChain.”


That was just to name a few. The list, of celebrities showing interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, is long and growing.


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