According to Calvin Ayre, Craigh Wight is going to file lawsuits against those who are denying that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. With this, Satoshi, or Faketoshi, continues his battle against the crypto community. 

Craig Wright, the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is targeting whoever denies him being Satoshi with a lawsuit. The news seems to be yet another sad attempt for Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre to get attention.

It’s hard to picture a life in which Craig Wright is actually getting some work done. Previously, with number of daily feuds on Twitter, one might have wondered what else Craig Wright was doing. Now his personal assistant, Calvin Ayra, starts provoking again.

Calvin Ayre tweeted:

The threats from Ayre come only two weeks after the so-called bitcoin created removed his own Twitter account. Till that point, Craig Wright often used to Twitter to stir up controversy and silence anyone who denied Wright being Satoshi.

Despite the threat of a lawsuit, most of the crypto community doesn’t seem to be impressed. Some of the responses:


Whether Craig is Satoshi or not, it is sad to see a ‘grown man’ feuding so much, trying to destroy everything in his path. Instead it would, for now, perhaps be better if Craig divides his full attention to stop a great deal of turbulence Bitcoin Cash SV has seen since last week’s hard fork. Move on, Craig.


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