Several popular crypto analysts have expressed their frustration regarding Twitter suspended them for hours.

Towards the end of 2019, crypto analysts have been facing stricter regulation as social media platforms keep banning their accounts.

In a similar situation, crypto influencers on YouTube have also complained of the same action from the video platform. They said that their videos on their YouTube page were deleted for several hours before they were returned.

YouTube’s team addressed the issue then slighting technical errors as the reason for the mixup. However, it never stopped crypto videos from getting suspended consequently.

Luke Martin is one of the most recent popular crypto analysts to suffer Twitter suspension. His Twitter handle had been recently suspended for over 24 hours.

A similar event took place last week where Anthony Pompalino, another crypto influencer, and analyst got suspended on the social media. Reportedly, his one-hour suspension was because he got into an argument with popular economist and gold evangelist, Peter Schiff.

Pompliano is a noted supporter of cryptocurrency assets in general and Bitcoin in particular.

In the wake of all these suspensions, it remains a rhetorical question if there is a list of popular crypto analysts to be restricted consequently or who remains valid on the platform.

Mati Greenspan advice

Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics and former senior market analyst at eToro, has also called public attention to the new occurrence.

He tweeted, asking about Luke Martin, and the crypto community became conscious of Martin’s absence as his twitter account appeared suspended. A closer check on Martin’s Twitter page showed he had been offline for close to one day.

Twitter enacting stringent laws

Twitter had been known for a long time to enact discipline against spamming, racism, gender discrimination, etc. But suspending accounts of crypto analysts and enthusiasts is a new trend from the social media giant.

Twitter said in some instances, a ban could be permanent however, some are restored with proof that owners of such accounts still have the control. However, it has made it clear that the ban was not on full-bots, but deleted accounts are ones impersonating people.

Twitter had provided no official explanation as of press time.


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