YouTube Label Crypto Videos as "Harmful or Dangerous Content”

The world-renowned video sharing platform, YouTube has once again been called out for deleting crypto-related content.

Recently, crypto blogger Ivan on Tech took to Twitter to share with his audience regarding YouTube’s censorship on his latest video.


Choosing to see the silver lining in the situation, the vlogger has concluded plans to create and move his content on to his own website. This is after Ivan’s live stream was flagged as “harmful and dangerous” by YouTube a few weeks ago. The live stream was truncated in the middle and as punishment, Ivan on Tech got suspended for 3-month.

An outcry for crypto freedom

Ivan on Tech isn’t the only vlogger to recently experience the effect of YouTube crypto purge. Technical analyst, The Moon, also reported that the video-sharing platform deleted one of its content on March 10, 2020. This news comes as a surprise to the crypto space. Owing to the fact that when crypto content was deleted last December. The platform apologized and calling the delisting a mistake before restoring deleted contents. 

Though YouTube claims to have nothing to do with the alleged crypto purge. It has, however, reviewed most of its platform terms. Enforcing stringent regulations so as to streamline the contents available on the platform. The platform has also tweaked its search algorithm a bit. This is so that only approved content will play on its autoplay feature.

A blessing in disguise

YouTube autocratic censorship might not be all bad for the crypto space. As a higher number of users are turning to alternative video sharing platforms like Bitchute, D-Live, and Vimeo. Even self-hosted Fediverse video platform Peertube has experienced an increase in users.

Ivan on Tech also streamed for the first time on his own platform. Prompted by the POSSE (Publish [on your] Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere), web philosophy.

Last year, Tech giant Google without prior notice delisted Metamask from its app store. Citing mining activities as the reason for the delisting. Though Metamask does not carry out mining activities. Google later reinstated the Dapp after a week-long ban.

These are all pointers to the fact that the crypto space has faced and is still facing a lot of hostility from top industry players. Irrespective of these, the crypto space remains undaunted and resilient taking giant strides against all odds.


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