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.DeepSpace is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) Metaverse exploration strategy game. The game allows players to trade NFTs and get passive income from holding $DPS.

The General Manager of Altcoin Buzz, Anindya (Ani) Baidya, anchored the DeepSpace AMA session on our Telegram channel with DeepSpace. Their core leadership team are Zeds, John Wear, and Nemanja Brkic. The AMA took place on December 23rd, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Zeds, John Wear, and Nemanja Brkic to understand what DeepSpace is about. The AMA was in three segments: introduction, deep dive, and community questions and answers.

Segment 1: Introduction to DeepSpace

Background Information
Q – Okay, so is this a global team? Where are you guys based out of and how many team members right now?

Nemanja – Most of the team is based in USA/Canada. I am personally based in Germany. We have 8 core team members. A total of around 15 People (security experts, solidity devs, unity Devs, designers, 3d modelers etc). Plus, marketing team, mod team, and operations group. A total of around 50 people is involved on a day to day basis

Zeds – Yes, in general, we are global and have members around the entire world when you include our developers, moderators, and marketers. The core team is mostly in the US (with 1 in Canada) and consists of 8 of us – all with our own area of focus. We are constantly expanding our team with new talent.

Segment 2: Deep Dive

About The Gameplay
Q – You are a Space Game with three distinct stages (Exploration, Mining, and Combat). Of course, there will be NFTs that will play a distinct role here. What are your core NFTs and how do they impact the game?

Zeds – The core NFTs are the ships, which are our upgradeable smart NFTs. The game is launching with 4 distinct classes of these ships – fighter, support, mining, and tank. Each ship has a core of 1 of 4 types – magnetic, fission, plasma, and mechanical. These impact its combat capability within a power loop and a class that has strengths and weaknesses, and impacts the overall stats. There are 8 stats for each ship being:

  • attack
  • defense
  • special attack
  • special defense
  • luck
  • mining
  • speed
  • and health.

These stats are upgradeable using rewards based on actions you do in-game. You will be able to take your rewards and in our app, apply these upgrades to your NFT. We will also have SFTs, which can apply bonuses to your NFT ships that we will burn upon application to the NFT.

John – The stats will affect your game outcomes, we use them in RNG (random number generation) throughout the game, so for example the higher your attack, the more damage you will to do the enemy, or the higher mining stat, the more you will be able to mine.

Of course, we don’t want everyone running around with a 100% maxed out ship, so 1 stat, Luck, as well as the ship texture, occurs at minting and you cannot upgrade it.  Luck will play into a lot of aspects of the RNG throughout the game.

Our core modeler on the team creates all our ships, and I have some examples of his work to share.

DeepSpace DeepSpace DeepSpace DeepSpace

We are also going to be introducing land NFTs which will be able to generate income for the owners when other people mine on their land, and of course benefits to the miner as well.

Q – Coming back to the ships, I put this in a 2 by 2 metrics, you have 4 classes of ships plus 8 stats of each class. Which one is the ultimate ship, or do I need to create a collection?

Zeds – Good question- each ship will have its strengths and weaknesses and people will have preferences of ship based on the desired play style and action for the ship. For example, in my eyes the ultimate ship would be one with a legendary texture (1/400 ships minted average) and a high luck stat as these are the two aspects of the ship that can’t be changed. All of the other 7 stats you can upgrade over time. Although I will say that each class type has its maximums and minimums for each stat type.

For a lot of people, I’d imagine the best ship would one with high or maxed mining stats. Basically, anything that would be profitable for the user.

John – To expand on the minimum and maximums, for example a Tank cannot have 100 attacks, and a Fighter cannot have 100 defenses. A support class will have some unique abilities in combat, and of course a mining ship is geared mostly to mining. So as Zed mentions, it will depend on what you want to do in the game and how you want to play. It would be a poor experience to venture out with a fleet of all mining ships only to be attacked and lose the fight.


Here’s an example of a ship card (without our newly added stat health) so you can have an example of what a ship entails.

Q – In the long run, what is the purpose of the game, to have a fleet of ships and own planets, mine, and get P2E Rewards? What should be the End Goal of the players?

John – Yes, economy and longevity is very important to us. The purpose of the game is to earn some money but also to play the game and have fun. I think that’s part of what sets us apart from some of the other things out there today. We are building a game, and have a vast amount of gaming and MMO experience on the team.

For one person, the end game may be building up some amazing mining ships to mine and earn as much as they can. But to another player maybe build up a strong attack fleet to earn money that way or place on our leaderboards (most combats won, highest stats, things like that).

The End Goal

Zeds – The end goal isn’t entirely linear. It’s a game so there are multiple paths to success in terms of ways to play. Whether it be an enjoyable way to earn some decent money for some or a serious moneymaker for those more serious…. We’d like to cater to all types of people.

To add to this, I can see people who like to gamble utilizing the wager system almost like a casino and could make (or lose, lol) money quickly there. And then of course you will have people earning consistent daily income by doing safer things like resource collection. You will also see users earning passively by renting out their land for resource collection for other users too. So again all sorts of ways for users to earn and play.

John – Ultimately we will introduce multi-player PVP to our Turn Based Strategy where you will be able to wager a little DPS against an opponent, winner takes all. I like to think of the combat system as a game of chess, each player will have different ships and different strategies to take turns to try and win. Many ways to play, many ways to win, just depends on what you as a player are looking to get out of it. Progression is a key element of the game that we will be able to expand on and carry on growing for a very long time to come.

Q – And the DPS Token has a very integral part in the entire economy. Maybe this one is a difficult question. Holding the Legendary ship and best possible stats, playing 7 hours a day, how much DPS can I earn. PE2 for some Asian countries is huge, so why not full-time?

John – That is a tricky question… We are actually building out a unique system that won’t rely completely on DPS (of course DPS will be a key part of things) as well as a self-balancing system for earning. I very much think you could play full-time in some parts of the world.

There are some key elements there we are keeping “close to our chest” so they are not copied. So it’s hard to go into a lot of detail until we are able to release some of the features around earnings.

Q – When can I start playing and what is the adoption level you are envisioning?

John – We’re releasing our early release alpha game very soon by the end of the year. We will start slow with a smaller amount of people, and add more to that as we go.

This is happening on testnet, it’s very important to us that everything is well tested first before we start involving real money.

Zeds – We are going to be opening the alpha game to more and more people daily, probably even hourly at first as we see how it scales, as bugs are fixed, etc. As John said, that should be opening up for sure in the next week. We’d like to get our marketplace on mainnet as soon as we can verify our smart NFT contracts are safe and scalable. This will come after a lot of community feedback during this crucial alpha testing phase.

John – We have about 4 or 5 phases of features to get out, we’re hoping to get things promoted to production and playable on mainnet somewhere in Q2 2022, but of course, things can happen so that is a loose timeframe.

We also plan to release some NFT staking ahead of the actual game production release. This is so folks can earn a bit with their NFTs while they wait. As for adoption, we are targeting everyone: Gamers, crypto enthusiasts, everyone is welcome!  we have already started some marketing to the Philippines and have had some folks reach out asking us to push to Brazil. We’re hoping to push the limits and bring some popularity to BSC with a solid project made for everyone and with some staying power.

Segment 3: Community Questions and Answers

From this segment, the five best questions shared $500 worth of DPS.

Q.Twitter – To begin with, do users have to buy their own space ships?? If so, I would like to know, the minimum Spaceship I need to have to play the game. Also, is there a limit for users to own Spaceship? And, where can I buy my first spaceship?

John – Yes, you will need to either mint a fresh ship or purchase one from our marketplace to play. You must have at least 1 ship to play the game. You can use a maximum of 4 ships at a time for gameplay at this time. There is no limit to how many ships you can own.

Once the alpha phase of our marketplace is complete and we are sure we have tested the ship Smart NFTs and are happy with them, you will be able to mint or purchase one on our marketplace.

Zeds – Our app will go live in conjunction with the alpha version of the game within the next week. You’ll be able to see how you can mint a ship or buy a ship on the outpost and use it in-game. We will also release some technical training documents for this.

Q.Twitter – A lot of investors get into gaming platforms and tend to leave right away because their vision is only focused on making money, so how is DeepSpace going to keep investors in? Because in my opinion, a game must be fun and satisfying in order to have a high bargaining value.

Zeds – Here’s my take on this. I completely agree and I spoke about making the game fun as one of our major goals of DEEPSPACE above.

The way I see it is the success criteria is the game’s two fundamental concepts; 1. Can you make money? and 2. Is it enjoyable? Sometimes, you can get away with one or the other, but for a truly strong game and ecosystem, we must do both in conjunction. To make something fun, satisfying, and engaging, our specific focus is making it non-linear to allow freedom for users to mold their own experiences based on what they like to do or what they’re good at.

That’s one of the reasons we made sure to include 3D elements into the game like exploration. It helps to immerse the player, in contrast to some of the other games which are just button click marathons.

John – Immersive and addictive are definitely key elements we are aiming for to keep folks involved.

Q.Telegram – I noticed DeepSpace has many storage wallets, in addition to reducing the risk of compromise, could there be another reason for this? Could you explain to the community?

Zeds – You touched on it a little bit here- we are mitigating risk by separating our holdings not only among wallet addresses but among core team members. We are using multisig to prevent single-owner issues. All transactions from us need to be approved from 4/6 of us. We also utilize wallets for tracking purposes too, we have a lot of bots to track services, provide buy links, etc. and we like to track each one to see its effectiveness.

In addition to this, we are saving a lot of funds (DPS) and organizing them based on what we will need for in-game rewards, so we want to do that in a strategical and safe way.

Q.Telegram – Can you explain to me how the publicly available gameplay footage has a relation to the game? One shows a first-person shooter in some kind of dystopian city and the other some exploration in a literal moon. What is the relationship between these snippets? How are the components of the MMORPG and 1st person shooter connected? What is the overall experience that people will get when playing DeepSpace games?

Zeds – DPS is a space exploration game as shown in the above footage, you will be able to travel around space in 3D, fight enemy ships, discover items and areas, collect resources and manage land on planets, and much more that includes unreleased information at this point. The main goal is upgrading your fleet to expand upon your money-making abilities and to travel farther to distant and more challenging areas.

John – You may also get attacked while flying through the universe, or you can choose to attack enemy ships that are throughout the universe.  Getting attacked or attacking will load you into the hex-based board for the Turn-Based Strategy stage. This part of the game is where you will do combat against the enemy ships, if you win you earn rewards. Hopefully, that explains some of that a bit better.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Zeds, John Wear, and Nemanja Brkic for participating in the DeepSpace AMA session on December 23rd on our Telegram channel.

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