The Founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, revealed an interesting fact on Friday. Apparantly, Buterin tried to become an intern at Ripple back in 2013. 

Yesterday, on Twitter, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared a Bloomberg article about Zoom CEO Eric Yuan. The headline of the article ‘Refused U.S. Visa Eight Times, Zoom CEO Is Now A Billionaire’, revealed that Yuan’s visa application got denied eight times before finally making it to the US.

The news about Yuan’s visa application is interesting, because Yuan is the Founder and CEO of Zoom, a company that offers remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom raised raised $751 million in an IPO this week, now worth $15.9 billion.

Vitalik responded to the tweet from Brian Armstrong, sharing his own experience with visa rejections. Vitalik tweeted:

Luckily, for a lot of people, Buterin did not end up at Ripple. Instead Vitalik co-created his own crypto project Ethereum in 2015, now the second largest cryptocurrency in the space. Ripple’s XRP is currently the 3rd largest cryptocurrency.


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