Hector Network has a growing DeFi community that is run by the HEC utility token and the TOR stablecoin.

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of interest in Hector Network. The token has performed well recently, and new people are discovering its benefits daily. However, before investing, it is important to look at the fundamental analysis of the project. This takes into account the project’s team, technology, performance, partnerships, and competition.

Looking at these factors gives you a view of the long-term health of the project. Normally, for looking at price action, we would look at technical analysis. A quality technical analysis is not available for Hector due to its thin trading volume. The highest volume is available on fellow Fantom Network project SpookySwap.

But the fundamentals have a lot to tell us…..

So let’s analyze the Hector Network across these areas.

Project Metrics
1. The team 

No project can be more successful than its development team. Hector Network has an international team of around 50 members covering different technical, supportive, and marketing roles. The Hector team is distributed across Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.

The team is focused on fostering community involvement and transparency, and users can contact them on social media and forums like Discord and Telegram, where community events are hosted and significant announcements are made.

2. Partnerships

Partnerships go a long way toward predicting a project’s adoption. Hector Network has secured a couple of good partnerships. Here is a list of some of the platform’s partners:

  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Benzinga
  • PayBolt
  • Magic Media
  • Sparring
  • Weave Financial
  • Spookyswap
  • Rubic
  • Stader

3. Social media

Hector Network has a strong presence on social media and an active community. On Twitter alone, Hector has almost 130k followers, and the engagement is pretty impressive. Here’s a  list of the platform’s social media channels:

Whitepaper and Roadmap

Whitepapers play a role in showing a project’s long-term vision. Projects without whitepapers often attract negative sentiment. But Hector Network has a detailed whitepaper explaining different aspects of the project. You can find the white paper here.

We recently published an article detailing Hector’s roadmap and how the project is staying on track with its plans. Hector has also launched a couple of new features and has more expansion in mind in the coming months.


The Hector Network community voted for an emission plan for the HEC token. This will result in a fixed supply cap. Since then, the development team is pushing themselves to the limit to sort out all the wrinkles and make sure that this strategy will allow Hector Network to enter the future inflation-free. As the emission strategy progresses, Hector might issue fewer tokens, guarantee a supply cap for HEC, and still make predictable changes to the APY over time.

Financial Metrics

Market cap: $10.4 million

Circulating supply: 2.4 million

Maximum supply: 3.16 million

In the last 24 hours, Hector’s dApps are seeing

UAW (Unique active wallets): 28 (+86.67%)

Transactions (within the dApps): 28 (+115.38%)

Volume: $107.12k (+623.21%)

Balance: $5.28M

In conclusion, Hector Network looks pretty focused on building a thriving DeFi community. The project’s hard work has paid off, as the HEC token trades at $4.31. 

Hector Network & Ecosystem

Hector has 2 good ecosystem stories to tell us. First, they are part of the $379 billion dollar TVL Fantom ecosystem. So if you like Fantom, then Hector has some things you’ll like too including big growth opportunities in a growing ecosystem.

Next, they have their own ecosystem of dApps. In fact, check this out. Hector has a Treasury balance of more than 3x its market value. This means their cash balance of $41 million exceeds their market value of $12 million.

Would you like to buy $1 for 30 cents?

That’s what you get here.

And aside from that value, Hector has in its ecosystem:

  • A DEX
  • Big updates in V2 to the DEX and more swapping capabilities. Check out how streamlined the service is. And the update comes out in just a couple of days.
The New Updated HectorDEX V2
  • Multi-chain bridge
  • Multiplay for automated DeFi payments
  • Tax reporting through the Tax Report feature to simplify getting statements together for tax time
  • TOR stablecoin
  • and more

So you can see Hector Network has a lot going for it for a $12 million project. It might be one of the best values in crypto right now.

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