Electroneum Ambassadors

Electroneum is championing progress in developing countries. But have you ever wondered what its ambassadors look like? If the answer is “yes”, then meet Kazibwe Edris from Uganda.

Kazibwe Edris has a mission in life. It’s to ensure that Electroneum becomes a common payment method.

He lives in the Ugandan town of Naalya, some 30 minutes away from Kampala, the country’s capital. The place is thriving and so is Edris’s shop, which is called Electroneum Mart. All thanks to ETN.

In an interview, he explained how he decided to join ETN’s community.

“I did quite a bit of reading, and the rewards system gave me confidence. It has worked for me as I have gotten more customers,” he stated. “I told my friends and customers about Electroneum and got many to download the app and begin their very own journey into crypto.”

He also said that he’s looking forward to the launch of a new freelance platform AnyTask. He believes that it will help his business expand. And has already successfully attracted the attention of at least 80 more merchants in his town and Kampala, Mbarara, Kamuli, and Bushenyi. Like Edris, they thought that the idea of accepting ETN payments is a great one.

“I have a friend who runs Jonny’s Majestic Restaurant. He accepts ETN too. He has told me that he had done many transactions with ETN,” Kazibwe said. “Electroneum has made a positive difference in my life. For example, I posted some handmade sandals on Twitter, and someone from Singapore wanted, ordered, and paid for them in ETN.”

Getting everyone on board

Uganda is a country that faces many challenges, including economic ones. While the poverty rate in the country is high, it still manages to take advantage of the perks that technology has to offer. This is important, as 58% of Ugandan adults remain unbanked and thus need access to the financial system. ETN provides them with such an opportunity, which is why Edris is excited about the launch of the ETN Everywhere program.

Electroneum CEO Richard Ells commented on the program. He said, “the global ETN Everywhere acquisition and retention program is aimed at educating, propagating and celebrating the merchants, retailers, and e-commerce outlets that start to or already accepting ETN as a payment method.”

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