Hector dai atblantica NFT marketplaces in fantom

Hector Network has announced the launch of Atlantica, its NFT marketplace, on Fantom’s blockchain. Alongside cross-chain expansion, Hector has turned its attention to the NFT sector.

So, the launch of Atlantica will be the first step to lead NFT adoption in Fantom. In this article, you will learn more details about this platform that was launched on Jan 19th, and what Hector Network is planning to do with it.

Hector Finance Plans to Embracing Massive NFT Adoption With Atlantica

Hector Network noted that the new marketplace will serve serve as a “marketplace for the future.” It will also boast unique features for NFT creators. In addition, Hector also announced that it had begun the development of the necessary infrastructure to expand the NFT market on all fronts.

Asides boastings its own NFT collections, Atlantica comes equipped with standard NFT features. This includes a marketplace for trading and launchpad for new projects. Furthermore, Atlantica will serve as Hector’s base of expanding its influence to other areas.

In Atlantica, users will be able to:

  • User Profile Creation.
  • Facilitation of ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs
  • Buy / Sell / Auction / Make Offer.
  • Publish NFT Collection(s) and NFT(s)
  • Favorite / Follow System
Discover Atlantica’s Marketplace and NFT Launchpad

Cross-chain compatibility and NFT solutions are two features of Atlantica’s Marketplace. They’ll turn it into a one-stop shop with all the benefits that each blockchain offers. At first, the platform will be available on Fantom, leveraging its features such as instant finality, growing community and zero fees. However, Hector Network plans to expand Atlantica to other chains in Q1-2023 and Q2-2023.

On the other hand, Atlantica’s NFT Launchpad will focus on bringing onboard renowned and up-and-coming creators who maintain the highest standards that NFT users demand. Also, Hector plans to scrutinize projects launching on the launchpad to ensure the community is exposed to projects that are worth the while.

Hector also plans to cater to the needs of NFT creators by giving them a platform to monetize their creativity as well as the support to succeed on the NFT marketplace.

Atlantica’s NFT Collections

Atlantica’s fully-owned NFT collections will offer its holders a series of benefits outside and inside the crypto space. Being a utlity-focused card, the collections will include premium perks that enhances the experience of NFT users on the marketplace. These collections also offer access to exclusive virtual events, unique deals and discounts. This way, holders are guaranteed of a whole new experience. Here is Mythos, Atlantica’s first NFT collection.

The Atlantica marketplace targets individuals who value a wide range of top quality collections, renowned for their high quality and user-confidence. Navigating Atlantica will also be pretty easy. Users will be able to identify and access their desired digital assets with ease thanks to Atlantica’s extensive and carefully managed collection of NFTs.


Atlantica will feature collections of different kinds. However, it will focus on NFTs around areas like Play-and-Earn games, Collectible items/Trading cards, NFTs with IRL use cases, music and media, Virtual Fashion, real-world assets and domain names. Check out Hector’s social media for more details about the marketplace.

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