How to Use Atomichub

Atomichub is one of the busiest NFT platforms. A group of enthusiasts working on the WAX and Proton blockchains founded the blockchain-based marketplace. Since then, it has become one of the most used NFT platforms. It also features special tools and features dedicated to NFTs.

Eosio, a blockchain service provider powers Atomichub. The NFT marketplace offers its users a platform to interact with each other and create and sell different digital items, including music and images. Let’s dive deeper into this platform.

What is Atomichub?

AtomicHub is an NFT marketplace on the EOS and WAX blockchain. Users can explore, sell or buy NFTs from the marketplace and also list NFTs with AtomicAssets standards. Atomichub does not require users to possess the technical knowledge to create NFTs. Instead, the platform is designed in an easy-to-use manner.

To simplify its services, the NFT platform is divided into four areas, namely

  • Trading- Check inventory, swap assets NFT to AtomicAsset
  • Explorer- browse through all existing NFTs
  • Market- buy/sell/list assets
  • NFT Creator- Create Atomic assets standard NFT

Both the EOS and WAX blockchains are compatible with Atomichub. This makes it easy to select or switch to any of the blockchains to log into your account.

According to Defillama, Atomichub has a TVL of $542,970.

How to Get Whitelisted on Atomichub

Getting whitelisted on Atomichub seems like a tedious task. The project intends to carry out checks on projects and communities before granting them licenses. Usually, you simply have to apply to get whitelisted.

To be eligible for whitelisting, you also need to prove that you have built a small community that is interested in purchasing your NFT. Fill out this form, and you’ll get a response from the team in a few days.

It is important to note that Atomichub recently announced that its Whitelisted and Verified statuses are being retired in favor of Checked and Established. You can check the new update here.

How to Use Atomichub

First, you’ll need to create a wallet. The wallet is where you will store your NFT. It acts as your account on the marketplace. You have two options in creating your wallet

  1. WAX Cloud Wallet – This is the preferred option for beginners. It does not require any technical knowledge. However,  there is a 5 WAX setup fee. Read this article for details on using the WAX Cloud wallet.
  2. Anchor Wallet – This is for more advanced users. It requires you to hold and secure your own private keys. However, there is a $1.99 setup fee.

After logging in to the AtomicHub portal and connecting your wallet, you will see the platform’s main page, which offers you several options and features to choose from, such as Explorer, Market, Trading, and NFT Creator.

You can see the name of your wallet at the top right of the page. It is what stores all of your NFTs and WAXP. It is important to note that there are no duplicate wallet names on the WAX blockchain.

Here’s a breakdown of the tabs and what they represent.

  • Explorer:

Clicking the Explorer tab displays a list of the top trending collections, trending NFT templates, and newly-minted NFTs. This page is where you get a wide overview of what’s going on in the marketplace.

  • Trading:

This tab is responsible for all non-market transfers of NFTs.

  • NFT Creator:

This tab is where artists and creators mint their NFTs. When you click on this tab, you’ll get a number of video guides and articles showing you how to create your own NFTs.

  • Market:

The Market tab is where you can explore the latest market listings and NFT auctions. You can also search for listings from a specific collection, filtering it by the lowest mint number, most recent listing, lowest price, etc.

The market tab is also where you can list your NFT for sale. When you click on the  “Sell NFTs,” the page will take you to your inventory. Once there, click the “List on Market” button on any NFT you’d like to sell, and you’ll have different options for selling or auctioning your NFT. The market will also present you with data for your price.

We have a more detailed article on how to use the Atomichub platform. Check it out here.

Atomichub VS Opeansea

Both NFT marketplaces have a decent amount of users. However, Opensea is the most popular NFT marketplace. But that does not dismiss Atomichub as a competitor. Opensea has more integrations and supports a wider range of NFT categories.

Atomichub Wallet

Here’s a list of wallets that integrates with Atomichub:

  • Scatter wallets
  • Anchor Wallet
  • WAX Wallet

In conclusion, Atomichub is a good destination to trade your NFTs. However, it is important that you ensure that you deal with only verified projects.

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