Justin Kan Mints YouTube Videos as NFTs

Justin Kan, the millionaire startup expert and co-founder of Twitch, has decided to mint his YouTube videos as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Working closely with his partner, Jen, Justin Kan has named his NFT collection “Certified Justin Kan Stories.” This means his fans can now collect the “Certified Justin Kan Stories” and have their own unique copies.

Inspiration Behind the Certified Justin Kan Stories

According to his guest post on the OpenSea blog, Justin Kan revealed that he began regularly posting on his YouTube channel back in January with the help of Jen. On his channel, he shares inspiring stories about his startup journey, behind the scenes from Twitch, his work with Justin.tv, startup advice, and more.

These stories had very encouraging responses from his YouTube subscribers. Some subscribers revealed that they have been emotionally invested in his videos and made the decision to subscribe long before he blew up and reached a major milestone, such as hitting one million subscriptions. Therefore, their responses and comments inspired him and Jen to mint the videos as NFTs.

As a result, Justin Kan and Jen launched “Certified Justin Kan Stories,” an avenue for fans to collect their most loved stories from YouTube.

About the Certified Justin Kan Stories

When you collect a “Certified Justin Kan Story,” it can be likened to collecting an autographed version of a Justin Kan YouTube video. Such videos will still be on YouTube. However, collecting an NFT means you’re purchasing a digitally signed certificate of this video. Such a video has been verified and certified by Justin Kan himself, making it unique and scarce.

Kan goes to say that you can virtually hang the NFT to inspire yourself, share it with friends, or trade it with other “Certified Justin Kan Story” enthusiasts. Justin Kan also further revealed that he may “do something special” for holders of the NFTs in the future.

Partnership With OpenSea for NFT Transactions

For the NFTs’ transactions, Justin Kan has decided to partner with OpenSea. Through OpenSea, you can safely bid, purchase, and trade Justin Kan’s NFTs. Kan also believes that, hopefully, the demands for his NFTs will escalate, at which point he’ll consider creating more. As for now, he has minted several of which there is only one copy of (super rare), along with some NFTs that a limited edition run.

As each of his YouTube videos will be made an NFT, purchasing it means having a “Certified Justin Kan Bragging Right.” Kan invites everyone to support his NFTs and become a part of history as these are the first YouTube videos minted as NFTs on OpenSea. You can check out the collection here.

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