LandRocker, a new gaming project we are interested in, recently had its official token launch. Their token, LRT, launched on MEXC and Uniswap and was a huge success. 

The LRT token surged to 10x in the first 24 hours after its launch. LandRocker is a new P2E game with more attention to gaming quality than the average P2E game. They focus on tackling both inflation and trust. Interestingly, there was a lot of player engagement during the new game launch. Their web-based beta has onboarded 75,000 unique active wallets.

LandRocker launched its game two days after launching the LRT token. There were about 1500 concurrent users within the first few hours of the launch. Records show that these players logged over 3 hours of gameplay on average.

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Why the interest in LandRocker?

There were other high-profile listings alongside LandRocker, including Notcoin. However, Notcoin saw an 85% drop in value during the first week of listing. Notcoin secured listings on top exchanges like Binance. But, a change in sentiment saw the game-based token decline.

So why was it different for LandRocker? 

First, unlike Notcoin, the team behind LandRocker is a proper gaming studio. They’ve been in the market for over 20 years collectively. So, LandRocker already has a detailed roadmap based on their analysis of the market. The listing on Uniswap and MEXC was part of their journey.

Secondly, LandRocker developed robust tokenomics for their LRT token. As per the design, early investors were only able to trade 10% of their allocation. Similarly, phase one and phase two presale participants were only able to sell 25% and 10% of their tokens. So, the project will unlock the rest of the tokens within the next 12 months through vesting. The tokenomics design helps ensure tokens don’t flood the market. And also ensure early movers do not dump and cause a massive price crash. The LandRocker did not unlock team allocation until after the listing.

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Another reason for the successful listing was the launch of the Season Zero game. The game allowed gamers to immerse themselves in LandRocker. In addition, the game enables players to earn rewards and explore the metaverse. Season Zero also featured impressive graphics and gameplay, which is appealing for gamers coming over from legacy games.

What’s next for LandRocker?

The team has already designed their plans for the coming months. They plan to build on their successful listing on MEXC and Uniswap and list on other exchanges. They have exchanges like Bybit, Binance, and on their radar.  So, there’s more visibility and growth on the way.


The LRT token is a utility token. Players can use it to make purchases on the gaming marketplace. They can also use it to craft weapons and stake for profits. So, there’s utility built in for the token.

LandRocker already secured $2.8 million in their successful presale. The team is utilizing these funds for further growth of the project. Their focus is to attract more traditional gamers to Web3 gaming.

LandRocker developed a unique gaming model known as the “Play to Liberate” model. What’s it about? Gamers get to battle fierce aliens and liberate planets. Once players liberate a planet, it becomes safe for mining resources. Then, players can use these resources to craft in-game items.

Players can get passive income from revenues generated from the planets they liberate. The team plans to make the game more demanding and enjoyable for gamers. So, there will be weekly updates.

Changes in gameplay

LandRocker recently announced changes to their gameplay. They plan to launch the play-to-earn mining mode. The team made some adjustments to give extra utility to their LRT token. So, players need both a rover and fuel to mine in-game valuables and LRT.

At first, the team offered free mining for early adopters. However, they added rover and fuel to create an economic balance. Also, the move will make the game more strategic and fun. So, gamers now need to plan the use of their fuel.

The new tweak mirrors the team’s dedication to improving the game. And making it more transparent and player-focused. The test beta for the mining mode is up. To participate, click this link.

In other updates, LandRocker plans to provide an API to Coinmarketcap for reporting its circulating supply. That’s a step towards more transparency.


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