What happened to Bitcoin hashrate?

Keiser Report presenter and one of the earliest mainstream media proponents of Bitcoin, Max Keiser, recently said in an interview that he believes the Bitcoin price could reach the $100,000 mark.

In the interview with Kitco News, Max Keiser highlighted that Bitcoin could capture a part of the value of the worldwide gold market. If that happens, the flagship cryptocurrency could see an enormous price increase and reach $100,000.

Max Keiser said:

“To capture a piece of the gold market, you’re talking $60-, $70-, $80-, $100,000 to Bitcoin. I have not sold any Bitcoin because my price target is $100,000 and beyond.”

Because Keiser believes the cryptocurrency can reach the $100,000 level, the well known investor has not sold any of his Bitcoin holdings yet. This, even despite the bearish market movements of last year.

Since Keiser believes that Bitcoin bottomed close to the $3,200 range, he also mentioned that he doesn’t expect to make any significant sales unless this value has been reached.

In relation to gold, Keiser said that one of the advantages for Bitcoin is that there is a fixed number of coins in circulation, making it impossible for a controlling entity to change the circulating Bitcoin supply. That said, according to Keiser investors don’t have to choose between one or the other. In his eyes, owning both is important to diversify risk:

“I own a lot of gold, I bought a ton of silver, but I also own a big position in Bitcoin”


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