John McAfee, the seemingly omnipresent Cryptocurrency personality, has garnered the spotlight once again. He has announced that he will run for president of the United States of America in 2020, and this time he won’t be stopped.

McAfee, known for outlandish and eccentric behavior is one of the most controversial figures in the whole of cryptocurrency. Some of his predictions include Bitcoin hitting $1 million by 2020 and $15,000 by the end of June 2018 (an approximate doubling in value, by prices at the time of writing). He is often seen as a marmite figure, some people love him and some hate him.

If McAfee stays true to his word, he’ll be running for the second time after losing the race for the libertarian party nomination in 2016. However, McAfee has stated that this time if the Libertarian’s do not support him he will run as an independent.

Libertarianism is a collection of political views and ideas that swing both left and right but are held together by a firm belief in personal liberty above all. This usually means a reduction in large central organizations like governments, making cryptocurrency a natural progression for the movement.

But what are his chances? The last two presidents have both shown that you need little or no political experience to become the president. However, McAfee himself is aware that him running for president does not pose a huge threat to the Democratic and Republican parties in America. However, he stresses that this will be a huge stage to present cryptocurrencies to the masses.

McAfee states that he expects his presidential bid to ‘be the tinder that ignites the blaze of crypto across the planet.’

This may appear rich, especially when considering the countries outside the US or that have little affiliation with the US. However, it is hard to ignore America’s gravitational pull when it comes to capitalism, most everything capitalistic revolves around the US in some way or another. Therefore, there is the chance that he could be right.

Although John McAfee may not win the next presidential bid, or even come close, he may serve a greater purpose to the wider cryptocurrency community. Whether you love him or hate him, let’s all hope he does the crypto community justice.


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