A new theory regarding the anonymous creator of Bitcoin came to our attention just recently and it is quite convincing. Did we just find the masterminds behind Bitcoin?

According to the new theory that recently surfaced on Medium, Bitcoin could’ve been created by an Estonian team that owns a company named Guardtime.

More interesting is the fact that Guardtime seems to be working with blockchain technology since 2008, the same year Bitcoin was launched.

The article also points to that Mike Gault, who is the founder and CEO of Guardtime. Mike seems to be having a Ph.D. in electronic engineering, a career in researching quantum devices in Japan, and worked as a derivates trader in Tokyo.

Mike got his Ph.D. at the University of Wales, linking us to Bitcoin’s code that was written with a perfect spelled British English, with no Japanese traits whatsoever (Satoshi claimed to be Japanese).

Satoshi Nakamoto claimed that he started writing code for Bitcoin in 2007 and according to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, Guardtime turned on its servers in 2007 as well.

More Possible Evidence

The Medium article I’ve just mentioned above also points to Joichi Ito, who was born in Japan, lived in the US and Canada until he turned 14. Later on, Ito returned to Japan and went to an American school where he met Mike, and they became friends. Ito is also a key member and investor in Guardtime.

Ito has invested in popular companies like Twitter and Kickstarter. The author of the Medium article Quotes:

A vocal advocate of emergent democracy and the sharing economy, Ito is a doctoral candidate in Business Administration focusing on the sharing economy at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University. He is the author of Emergent Democracy.”

The article also points to Märt Saarepera and Ahto Buldas, who invested in the hash calendar and were founding members of Guardtime in 2006. They also have a published paper that describes blockchain technology (2007), the article states.

There have been a lot of theories in the past, however, we don’t have anything official yet and we most likely never will. BUT, could this be something related to the actual identity of Satoshi? What do you think? Let us know below!



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