Quant: Blockchain Ecosystem of Ecosystems

Quant Network, the UK-based technology company, is edging closer to a brand new level of blockchain interoperability. Working remotely during the times of pandemic, the project team is ready with working models of the Overledger Network.

The first versions of gateways and treasuries are on track for release by Q2 of 2020. With this, the Overledger Network will be ready to showcase its capability to create blockchain ecosystems of ecosystems.

The work of art is ready!

The first iteration of core components of the gateways and treasuries will be soon available for download. This means the enterprises will be able to create and connect their networks. Quant previously focused on improving the Overlegder from a security standpoint for banking and government-grade networks. Now the focus has shifted to bringing in more enterprises that host their own Overledger Networks. With this, the enterprises will bring along their clients, use cases, and Apps to Overledger. This will result in creating complete ecosystems rather than just networks to help lead the Quant Network to mass adoption.

More utility

As per the May 2020 update shared by Quant CEO, Gilbert Verdian, the project is trying to be innovative in incentivizing the stakeholders in the ecosystem. With this, there will also be an upgrade to the token utility. The Quant token has already gone up by 16.5% in the last 24 hours. And the promising updates by the Quant CEO seem to be a contributing factor to the token’s positive performance.

According to the updates shared by the Quant CEO, SeeQ, the product built on Overledger, will soon be open for public use. Even the revolutionary project Interchange is already finding adoption in the Capital Market.

With a vision to break the blockchain silos and unite industries, enterprises, and businesses, Quant is focused on creating a secure, multi-ledger hyper decentralized network.

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