John Carvalho, the CCO of Bitrefill and an advocate of Bitcoin, made controversial comments in an interview on Lets talk bitcoin saying all hard forks are scams.

Carvalho said that Roger Ver’s backing of Bitcoin Cash had ulterior motives and it most likely resulted from the aspect of ego, desire to control, and strategic aspect.

Hidden motives behind Ver’s support of BCH

Roger Ver has been a supporter of BCH and has always explained that Bitcoin’s block size was a major constraint for the network. But, Carvalho believes the block size cannot be the only factor for Ver to back the fork.

Carvalho also believes there’s a hidden agenda behind Ver’s support of the fork. He said that Ver’s motivation behind backing BCH were a “mystery” to him. According to the Bitcoin proponent, if Ver can own, the Bitcoin Twitter handle, and have significant mining hash power, then Ver will likely sell fake Bitcoins to people.

‘Bitcoin Cash is a scam as well as many other cryptocurrencies’

Carvalho went on to add that BCH is a scam. If people want to invest in sh*tcoins, there are many sh*tcoins or inferior coins aside from BCH. He went on to advise people against holding the Bitcoin hard fork coins or dealing in it.


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