Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Groups, is of the opinion that cryptocurrencies are not receiving as much attention and consideration as they should.

Taylor is the CEO of Dash Core Group, a peer-to-peer decentralized digital asset based on the Bitcoin protocol. He revealed in an interview the company’s plan to promote and encourage an extensive user base for digital assets in the nearest future. He went on to identify five core areas that could help cause massive cryptocurrency adoption.

Taylor’s crypto adoption strategies

His first strategy involved crypto trading. He encouraged crypto exchanges to improve their services and increase transaction speed as this will definitely improve traders engagement.

Next, he said Dash’s partnership with the cannabis industry was also a huge leap for the crypto industry. This step alone brought about huge awareness for cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Taylor’s third step is that actively involving cryptocurrency in cross-border payment can help easily connect the world financially. Cryptocurrency will help solve major issues linked to cross-border money transfers. Issues like high transaction fees, long processing time, etc.

The fourth strategy to improving crypto adoption is wheelbarrow economics. Using Venezuela as a case study, he pointed out that hyperinflation and devaluation of a country’s fiat currencies can be corrected using cryptocurrency. The situation in Venezuela resulted in a large number of people turning to Dash as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Taylor’s final strategy to boost crypto adoption was identified as the concept of chargebacks used by credit card companies. He pointed out that Dash is well placed to resolve chargeback related issues and save merchants and customers using its platform from huge pay-back amounts to credit card companies. Finally, Taylor believes that there is nothing like bad publicity for cryptocurrencies. Both promoters and critics of cryptocurrency one way or the other help boost crypto awareness and adoption.


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