Step Hero is an NFT-based, fantasy-themed role-playing game (RPG) on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (formerly Matic Network). It’s a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that consists of a cross-chain NFT marketplace and the rpg that features attractive gameplay. The ecosystem also utilizes HERO tokens and collectibles. The latest integration with OKEx Blockdream Ventures is expected to increase the ecosystem’s popularity and development.

The CFO of Altcoin Buzz, Shitij Gupta, anchored an AMA session on our Telegram channel with Lucifer Nguyen, the CTO of Step Hero. The AMA took place on August 22nd, 2021, at 11:30 pm PT.

Below is a recap of the AMA with Lucifer Nguyen, CTO of Step Hero, to understand what the company has been up to recently.

Q – Hi, Lucifer. How are you today?

Hello everyone. I’m Lucifer – CTO of Step Hero. It’s great to have the chance to do the AMA with Altcoin Buzz today. Hello, Shitij. Everything is good.

Q – Give us a brief introduction about yourself. What’s your background and what inspired you to come up with the idea of Step Hero?

I’m Lucifer, and my current role in the core team is CTO. My strong suit is software design and full-stack development. My latest position is founder at sPhoton Technology and Deverion. I was awarded first prize at MSP Vietnam’s Hackathon 2016 and second prize at Vietnam National Imagine Cup 2015. And I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate in cryptocurrency and blockchain in France.

Step Hero is developed by a dynamic young team passionate about blockchain in general and cryptocurrency in particular. We’re game lovers with the desire to recreate legendary characters of our childhood games in real life aligning with the 4.0 technology trend. Our team took time to thoroughly study each character and create a creative NFT project, including a high liquidity marketplace and RPG game. And Step Hero is the result of a proper working spirit. Our team’s ambition is to make Step Hero the best NFT game in the market. That’s the objective and the inspiration for us to make amendments to this project.

Q – Can you please tell the community about how Step Hero works?

Basically, Step Hero is a comprehensive NFT ecosystem that comprises: the Step Hero RPG Game – the lucrative NFT fantasy-themed RPG game on BSC and Polygon, HERO NFT Marketplace – a cross-chain high liquidity NFT marketplace, and Step Hero Collectibles – artworks made with the most high-quality graphic design. The ecosystem is built on Binance Smart Chain and bridged over to Polygon.

Indeed, the Step Hero RPG is the first NFT fantasy-themed RPG on the Polygon Network, and we’re so proud of it.

Here are more details about our gameplay:

  • The plot of Step Hero is based on the scene of a world destroyed by the legion of the demon lord Lucifer. Players will take the role of heroes in different eras accompanying the archangel Gabriel to fight against the army of shadow.
  • The player’s mission is to fight, collect in-game items and money (STEP coin), craft weapons to buff energy, and then continue to fight. The power level of the shadow legion will become stronger and stronger.
  • In-game resources such as characters, the character upgrade system, money (STEP coin), and weapon items are accessible by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to attribute to the game’s development and enhance their experience themselves about the world of Step Hero.
  • More than a game, Step Hero also has features of a social network with a strong community, helping players on investment to earn money from the game. We have both PVE and PVP modes.
Q – So what’s the difference between the STEP and the HERO coins?

$HERO is our government and utility token. The primary utilities of the HERO token are:

  • HERO farming: HERO tokens are used for farming points that users can use for NFT redemption.
  • Payment in HNM: HERO tokens are used as a payment currency in the Hero NFTs Marketplace along with other tokens.
  • Voting: Holders of a certain amount of $HERO tokens will have the voting power on decisions regarding project development.
  • In-game payment: In-game transactions are made in $STEP, the in-game currency. User will have to buy $STEP using $HERO. In the future, the Step Hero ecosystem will update with more use cases for the HERO token. For details about tokenomics, please check here.
  • Now you can transact $HERO on PancakeSwap and MEXC.

$STEP coin, on the other hand, is the in-game currency of Step Hero RPG. STEP coin is used for buying in-game items in the in-game store.

Q – So, tell us more about what can the community do in order to get into the P2E model. What are the earning options for Step Hero yield farmers?

Yes. Our players can earn in many ways. Step Hero game players can generate revenue in a few ways:

  • They can earn award prizes once they win in Player-versus-Player (PvP) battles.
  • They can sell in-game items such as healing potions, power-impulse-potions, and self-crafted weapons on the marketplace for money.
  • Also, they can upgrade their characters and trade them later. The more unique and powerful their characters are, the more profit they earn.
Q – Tell us more about the short-term and long-term goals you have in the roadmap for Step Hero.

Our short-term roadmap:

  • HERO Marketplace release and NFT sales this end of August.
  • Game release Q4 2021.

Our long-term goals:

  • To become one of the top NFT ecosystems in the blockchain space.
  • To become the next Axie Infinity.
Q – Talking about Axie, what sort of barriers are you facing to get the market share of Axie? What are the actions that the Step Hero team is doing to solve it? Why should the Altcoin Buzz community be excited about Step Hero?

Like what you mentioned, our biggest barrier to entry are the NFT ecosystems, such as Axie Infinity. It is quite challenging for a new ecosystem to compete for market share in a market that already has such big players.

However, keep in mind that NFTs are still a nascent field. And in the history of businesses, first-generation pioneers have never been as successful as the next generation. For example, Google has outperformed Yahoo Search while Apple and Samsung have surpassed Nokia.

To unlock the market potential, we will take the following actions:

  • Optimize our products and business operation based on the experience of previous NFTs.
  • Prepare abundant financial resources and optimize resources to maintain operations against difficulties from the market and competitors.
  • Cooperate with many partners in all fields and expand our NFT systems to many users.
  • Promote brand recognition through community building and KOLs marketing.

We know what we’re doing, and we will bring real value to the investors who put their faith in us.

Q – Finally, do you have any upcoming airdrop activities to attract the community?

We’re having lots of competitions and programs. You can find details in this post.

The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Lucifer Nguyen for taking part in the Step Hero AMA on August 22nd on our Telegram channel.

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  1. David, there is very vague and less information about their team anywhere on the internet, CEO has a animated bio pic on linkedin and CMO, CTO are not on linkedin, CTO of sphoton is some other guy on linkedin and couldn’t find info about deverion or the competitions he mentions winning. And a PhD candidate from France? since when did people start naming a country and not their university! The admins on their telegram group conveniently do not reply to these queries, but everything. Your own bio says experienced researcher, can you help please? Thanks in advance


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