The Crypto Prophecies AMA With Co-Founder and CEO Paul Lindsell

The Crypto Prophecies is a decentralized P2P price prediction trading game that’s made up of magical NFT items and characters. It’s also a wager-based game that allows players to battle each other for the candles, and it involves them predicting how each closes. The platform uses TCP as its native token for different functions, such as the purchase of characters and items, access to time-limited events, wagering in all game modes, and a daily prize pool for rewards.

The CFO of Altcoin Buzz, Shitij Gupta, anchored the AMA session on our Telegram channel. He was joined by Paul Lindsell, the co-founder and CEO of The Crypto Prophecies. The AMA took place on September 6th, 2021.

Below is a recap of the AMA session with Paul Lindsell to understand what the company has been up to recently.

Q – Can you share an overview of The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) and how it works?

The Crypto Prophecies is a decentralized peer-to-peer price prediction game that has NFT characters. Place your wager and go head-to-head with another player to battle it out over the candles, predicting how each one will close.

It’s points-based, and it’s against the clock. So be quick and watch out for your opponent’s magic spells. The winner at the end of the battle wins all the wager. Here is a short video:

Q – How did you come up with the idea of calling it The Crypto Prophecies?

My background is in product design, so I love creating interesting things. While we were designing the core game and thinking about characters and branding, we were looking at the expected player types for the game.

As you know in the crypto trading space, many people like to think that they know what the candles will do, where the price is going next. We focused on this characteristic, and after a few brainstorming sessions, came to the title of The Crypto Prophecies. And that players would appear in-game like fantasy prophets proclaiming where the crypto price moves next.

Q – Let’s get a little deeper into the gameplay here. So this is a price prediction game and not so much a play-to-earn game. Am I right?

I believe it’s a perfect combination of both peer-to-peer price prediction and play-to-earn. There are also some new play-to-earn modes being implemented into the game currently.

Q – From a game perspective, what is the role of NFT characters (crypto prophets), and how does a common or rare prophet influence the gameplay of the player and increase his/her chance of winning?

Let me start with the role of the crypto prophets. So, you take your crypto prophet into battle (there are many different game modes coming). In battle, your crypto prophet is like your avatar- you command the prophet to make the price predictions. Depending on the rarity of your crypto prophet, you can also equip your crypto prophet with magic items such as staffs, wands, capes, and incredibly cute pets.

All the prophets and items and pets are rare NFTs, which are unique to a limited supply generation. Magic items have spell power and can be used against your opponent in a battle to hinder their chances. For example, you might have the Staff of Doom that, when used, engulfs your opponent’s crypto prophet in flame, rendering him useless for 10 seconds.

Different races of crypto prophets can wield items from different magic schools, and the associated spells all do something slightly different.

In terms of the rarity of crypto prophets, each tier up gives you one extra slot to hold magic items. So common has no slots but legendary has four slots.

In terms of the rarity of magic items, each tier up gives additional seconds of spell impact. For example, a common item spell will last only two seconds, but a legendary spell will last 10 seconds, which in PvP price prediction battles on 10-second candles is huge.

What’s more, every game you play, you accrue tickets for the daily prize. The rarity of the crypto prophet you use has a multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the more tickets you earn for the daily prize.

Q – Where can the NFT characters/items be purchased? Apart from the TCP token, can they be purchased through BTC, ETH, or MATIC?

We have currently been testing the smart contracts that create the NFT items, summoning stones, and upgrades. Also, we are expecting the sale of NFTs to have a go-live date in the next 1-2 weeks.

We are very excited as a team to get to this milestone and hope that testing and security testing all go smoothly and we can launch the sale quickly. The sale will be held from within The Crypto Prophecies dApp.

This is on Polygon. TCP tokens (must be bridged onto Polygon) are the ONLY currency allowed for the NFT sale.

Q – Talk to us a little bit about the beta testing that was concluded. How many people participated, and how are you incorporating the feedback from the community?

We held a few rounds of closed beta testing earlier in summer to test the core game loops. The numbers were intentionally restricted to around 50 testers, which enabled us to perform more qualitative tests.

During the testing, we overcome a few technical hurdles with the gameplay, identified some scalability issues, rectified some imbalances in the game, and fixed many bugs. We used various forms for gathering feedback, from Telegram groups, collating issues and feedback on dedicated Asana boards, and some 1-to-1 interviews.

Since the closed beta, a lot of the development focus has been around scalability, stability, and smart contracts. Less around core game design and mechanics.

Q – So the most important question is – when will this be available to play?

Well, my go-to response for this has been “soon.” However, we reworked our road map in the summer based on a few team changes and challenges, and we estimated that the game will launch by the end of Q3 2021.

At the moment, we are very, very, very close to meeting this target. However, we are dealing with technology and crypto, so everything must be as secure as possible. So if there is a further delay, we think it would only be counted in days. Our team is working very hard in attempts to launch the game by the end of September, and things are looking very positive, putting us, the project, and the community in a great position.

Q – For the Altcoin Buzz community, how we can participate early, be more involved, and get some TCPs in the wallet?

As The Crypto Prophecies game and NFT sale all happen on the Polygon network, a big step and task are to build liquidity of TCP on the network. To help this, we recently launched The Kingdom Vault, which rewards users for providing TCP/USDC liquidity on QuickSwap and staking the LP Tokens into the vault.

We know this is not for everyone as LP providing and mining is not that easy to get your head around.

In the coming weeks before launch, we will be opening a TCP-only vault to encourage more users to bridge their TCP tokens from the ETH network onto Polygon.

We need lots of liquidity on the Polygon network so that users can easily access TCP tokens and buy NFTs in the sale. We are also about to launch an LP mining campaign with our friends at QuickSwap, which is due to go live this week on Wednesday.

Q – This may be a little early, but what are some of the tricks that the users can leverage to make the most out of the game and win the battle when the game releases?

In terms of tricks to leverage, I think many players will be wanting to get their hands on some of the legendary NFT crypto prophets as they can be equipped with four items and spells to dominate in the battle arena.

But, legendary items are massively restricted in supply, so only a few lucky players will ever have the chance to find them. However, even the lower quality or rarity of summoning orbs have some chance of finding these rarer items, so it’s worth loading up on the lower and mid-tier NFTs as you never know. If you look at the summoning orb probability chart, you can see the different probabilities of finding the really rare items.

The order of our events and launch have to follow a certain path:

  1. Get liquidity on Polygon so people can access the TCP token.
  2. Launch the NFT sale so people can access crypto prophets.
  3. Launch the game.

There are a number of micro-steps in-between. But the Altcoin Buzz community and friends can certainly help us at each of these stages.

Thereafter, three interesting questions were posted from Twitter.

Q – @xianqt on Twitter: Inside the game, if the Binance BTC chart feed is live and our opponent blinds us, isn’t it useless? I can just look at the Binance chart on their website. HAHAHA Sorry, silly question?

Ha! great question… I am sure some players will think to try this. Maybe it will work for them. From our testing though, this is a fast-paced game. The candles are 10 seconds only, so you might not have time. Also, if you get the prediction wrong, you lose the points.

Q – @maisen2041 on Twitter: How will you find opponents? For example, if I waged 125TCP, will your system find exactly the same amount of waged players or close amount players?

We have built a three-wager pool-matching system that auto-rebalances every hour. Each wager pool is displayed in TCP price but calculated to an approximate USD value. Each wager pool has higher stakes.

We will match players based on the wager pool they choose. Players will also be able to challenge an opponent or friend directly (if they are online) for any wager size they choose. It’s then up to the opponent to accept or decline the challenge.

Q – @owhiiizkebTwT on Twitter: Because some people/players are taking advantage of the vulnerability of a game, like deploying a bot to participate, how will you manage the game to avoid the bot entering the battle arena, NFT presale, and other TCP game events?

Tough question to answer. There is only so much we can do to avoid potential bots. We believe it’s going to be tough for the game to be won by bots, but nothing is ever impossible and no doubt someone will try.


The Altcoin Buzz community gratefully thanks Paul Linsell, The Crypto Prophecies co-founder and CEO for taking part in the AMA session on the 6th of September on our Telegram channel.

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