The Altcoin Buzz team lists their top 5 cryptocurrency holdings in January 2019. 

The Altcoin Buzz team members are decentralized regionally and are of varied ages, however, one thing is for sure, we have different appetites for crypto investments. While some of us prefer to follow the trends and invest in large market cap coins, some of us prefer riskier holdings and some mix and match for a diversified portfolio. This is not a list of our complete portfolio but some of our biggest and most bullish investments in January of 2019. The list is not sorted in any specific order and is not financial advice. Always do your own due diligence before buying any cryptocurrency.

Jeff: Follow the leader

  1. Bitcoin BTC – Has the name recognition to carry the whole market. When people think Cryptocurrency they think Bitcoin.
  2. Stellar Lumens XLM – Stellar is an interesting project in the sense that is like XRP but less like a corporation and more of a Decentralized version of XRP lead by Jed McCaleb.
  3. Cardano ADA – A very serious project lead by Peer-Reviewed Research and a strong organization of developers. The technology is there and innovation is there, but we will have to see if they are able to market themselves into a mainstream opportunity.
  4. Binance BNB – The strongest and most advanced secure exchange that we have seen to date. Strong leadership with a wise business strategy. Aside from Coinbase (who does not have a coin) this coin is one of my favorites for its use case.
  5. Litecoin LTC – Litecoin is one of the fastest cryptocurrency I have used, well known, well established, decentralized and in a strong position to ride the coattail of Bitcoin for years to come.

Shash: Invests in token utility, working products and tokenomics

  1. Enjin ENJ – Tool for investment, a plethora of working user-friendly products, focused community and users, exceptional token utility and lock for in-game, industry-specific meaningful partnerships.
  2. Binance BNB – One of the most used utility tokens on one of the most popular exchanges that is working on regular updates and future development.
  3. Tomochain TOMO – Having researched on companies who are launching on and choosing TOMO over ethereum, EOS or Tron, I am fairly confident of my investment in this.
  4. Safex SAFEX – Best economics for a project with a long term vision, privacy coin. (Full Disclosure: I have an honorary advisory position with Safex)
  5. MCO – As Biance is about trading crypto, is all about using your crypto. MCO has one of the simplest and best token utility. I have the Icy White card so my tokens are staked for 6 months.

Mattie: The objective investor

  1. Bitcoin BTC – The big daddy of them all and archetypal crypto
  2. Ethereum ETH – The success of future ERC-20 projects will make us look back and realize how oversold Ethereum was in Fall/Winter 2018
  3. Ripple XRP – Value retention during bear markets and major attention from institutional partners
  4. Litecoin LTC – Network adoption and a very strong community
  5. Icon ICX – Korean ambitions for ICX supported projects are sky-high

Sebastian: Believes in recognition and proof of stake

  1. Bitcoin BTC – Recognition is important. Bitcoin isn’t nr. 1 because of its technology, it’s nr. 1 because people know what Bitcoin is.
  2. Ethereum ETH – The go-to for most new tokens and an amazing smart contract platform. Even a bigger fan of ethereum when they move to PoS.
  3. Enjin ENJ – Working products and my favorite and very user-friendly wallet.
  4. Tomochain TOMO – A fairly unknown project and my favorite ethereum competitor. Their mainnet is live.
  5. Safe Haven SHA – They are solving a big problem, digital inheritance. I don’t plan on leaving this planet anytime soon, however, I still see the potential for Safe Haven’s mission.

Garrett: Community and adoption go hand in hand

  1. Binance BNB – Binance has become the #1 exchange and has proved itself to be reliable and constantly trying to better themselves, it will be mindless not to own any BNB in 2019.
  2. Stellar Lumens XLM – will see some high-level implementation in banking system
  3. Ripple XRP – will land some big partnerships due to strong and committed leadership
  4. Zcash ZEC – as the worlds only regulator approved privacy coin, ZCash will end up the only successful privacy coin
  5. Aegeus AEG – will go big after product adoption. Decentralized storage will be huge.

Mark: Mixing low risk with high risk

  1. Bitcoin BTC – the go-to coin
  2. Ripple XRP – seems to be doing the best with adoption
  3. Cardano ADA – Because it has had a strategic approach since the beginning and has stayed focused/on track
  4. Selfkey KEY – Someone has to crack the security code and this team continues to make progress – longshot coin
  5. Stellar Lumens XLM – cross-asset facilitation and low transaction fees

Chris: Diversified in base-blockchains and exchanges

  1. VeChain VET – Blockchain technology has very few great real-world use cases, supply chain management is one of them plus gives passive income with VTHO.
  2. Icon ICX – While this project is doing a lot, having the South Korean government support is huge.
  3. Ethereum ETH – This coin still has the backing of some of the world’s best developers and I believe better times are ahead.
  4. Binance BNB – One of the few coins with a use case.
  5. Dash DASH – Is actually getting merchant adoption.

Luc: Follow the money, invest in payment solutions

  1. Bitcoin BTC – “in BTC we trust”, mother of crypto
  2. Ripple XRP – lot of xCurrent users switching to xRapid, will bring XRP to new ATH
  3. Stellar Lumens XLM – Impressive goals, good partnerships – great things to come in 2019
  4. Omisego OMG – solid team, amazing vision and development goals – Plasma in January
  5. Cardano ADA – if IOHK can deliver, ADA will be one of the top performers in 2019

Connor: Decentralize everything

  1. Ethereum ETH – most well established smart contract platform
  2. Monero XMR – by far the fastest, and cheapest to send, and most private coin
  3. Iota IOTA – while still slow, iota is showing consistent progress that should eventually culminate into an application platform for IoT services and dApps
  4. Nano NANO – fast, free to send, promising staking tech, and an active development community
  5. Golem GNT – a track record of shipping within a reasonable time, strong engagement with the community, and what seems to be a genuine interest in pushing blockchain to adoption without caveats

Romel: Prefers smart contract blockchains, protocols and Security Tokens

  1. Wanchain WAN – Because of its leadership, dedication to tech development.
  2. Ontology ONT – for its strong focus on infrastructure improvement and gas rewards.
  3. 0x ZRX – for being the bedrock of blockchain technology. It underlies almost every project we use.
  4. Polymath POLY – for being a trailblazer for the first security token platform. They are giving institutions a gateway into securitizing their assets.
  5. Ethereum ETH – for being the company to make dapps possible in the blockchain and it’s quick transactions.

Zach: Focused on passive income and profitable masternodes

  1. Bitcoin BTC – not because of the technology but because it is currently THE brand in cryptocurrency
  2. Phore PHR – Decentralised marketplace that already has an app up and running. Also has a masternode
  3. Gincoin GIN- Turnkey masternode solution, brilliant if running multiple masternodes
  4. Power Ledger POWR – Decentralising the antiquated system of power generation, extremely powerful technology if applied correctly
  5. Polymath POLY – trying to decentralize the whole world of investing

Kunal: Prefers Privacy coins and data protection

  1. Bitcoin BTC – It is the og coin and has the longest lasting and provably secure network, as well as the #1 brand. It is also the reserve currency of the crypto market.
  2. Ethereum ETH – The first project that allows for Turing-complete smart contract applications to be built on its blockchain.
  3. Dash DASH – Instant digital cash that has privacy features and is a top PoS coin.
  4. Monero XMR- The stealth addresses/ring signatures technology allows for anonymity/privacy.
  5. Basic Attention Token BAT – Such a good utility, allows for the decentralization of paying content creators and helps to fight censorship/surveillance.

Darko: Fan of interoperability and mass adoption

1. Aircoins – Mass adoption
2. Ethereum ETH – For its heavy influence on smart contracts
3. Icon ICX – Interoperability, innovation
4. Omisego OMG – Integration
5. Apollo APL – Will be changing the world soon

Nathan: Focused on low risk

1. Bitcoin BTC – Bitcoin because of its 1mb block size and the ability to run on tor if our privacy is truly compromised. Plus it’s the original OG and it’s not going anywhere
2. Cardano ADA – Cardano because of its team, ambitious roadmap and plan to solve the triangle dilemma (scalability, security, decentralized)
3. Stellar Lumens XLM – Stellar Lumens because of its non-profit use case for helping emerging countries
4. Ethereum ETH – Ethereum because of its vast developer community and solid morals
5. Binance Token BNB – Binance token because of its utility and defensive ability (in a downtrend)

This is not financial advice. Always do your own due diligence.



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