Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex, will soon add USD trading to the very popular exchange. However, it will not be available for everyone. 

Bittrex was founded in 2013 and it operates in the United States. It is one of the most popular exchanges due to an easy to use platform, wide selection of coins and high security.

In an interview with Unikrn Radio, Bill Shihara said:

“We will be doing US dollar trading. This won’t be open to everybody, but we will have US dollar trading for the majority of our customers.”

USD trading will make it easier for investors to inject fiat into cryptocurrencies. By allowing investors to buy coins directly from the site with fiat, users can then avoid having to buy cryptocurrencies from other exchanges, and then transfer the coins to Bittrex to begin trading.

This could also be a safer alternative to tether, especially with the recent news about tether being subpoenaed.

During the interview, Bill Shihara also confirmed that they will open for global sign-ups soon:

“There is going to be a time, not far away, where we will open up for global sign-ups again. I think what we will end up doing, is putting additional requirements for new users like minimum deposit sizes and things like that.”

In December 2017, the exchange announced that new sign-ups had temporarily been stopped because they wanted to focus on helping customers and take care of support tickets instead. The amount of support tickets has now been lowered significantly, and therefore sign-ups will be reopened soon. There will, however, be additional requirements for new users, because Bill Shihara does not think “the average person who knows nothing about crypto could or should trade on Bittrex.”


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