In many countries and regions all over the world, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts point out that not enough everyday purchases can be made with cryptocurrency. However, it appears as though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more common among content creators, because they provide a way for fans to support creators that they believe in.

Recently, a large donation was made through Bitcoin to a Twitch TV gamer. For those who are unaware, Twitch is a platform that many gamers use to engage with and increase their followings.

About The Gamer

Interestingly enough, the donation involved a gamer that doesn’t have the massive following that others do. For example, one of the most famous gaming Youtube channels in the world, Ninja, boasts well over 20 million Youtube subscribers. The 27 year-old streamer is the most popular individual on the Twitch platform, as well.

This particular Bitcoin (BTC) donation was given to a content creator who goes by the alias “Sick Nerd”. For context, “Sick Nerd” has 20,000 Youtube followers, which is roughly 1% of Ninja’s following. With that being said, “Sick Nerd” has a fairly large following on Twitch with a little over 100k followers.

About The Donation

On January 11, 2019, during a live stream where he was playing a popular game called Runescape, Sick Nerd received a significant amount of donations in the form of Bitcoin. Specifically, he received over $70,000 in donations. He originally thought that he was being pranked, but later realized that the donations were real.

Sick Nerd claimed that he had no idea who the individual was that had donated the money to him. He went to Twitter to express his gratitude, calling the individual a “mysterious benefactor”.  The tweet currently has almost 500 likes, and described the amount of money as “life changing”:

For those wondering, he received 20.49 Bitcoin when Bitcoin was valued at $3616. This translates to just over $74,000.


  1. Hello,

    My name is Neil, and I’m the author of the article. I want to point out that in my research, I mistakenly referenced Sick Nerd’s Youtube statistics instead of his Twitch statistics, where he is currently active. I apologize for this, as I am not familiar with the gaming world whatsoever, and was attempting to gather information to offer some context about the article, which was about cryptocurrency adoption, and pointing to an example that showed how it Bitcoin being used more often as a donation tool for content creators.


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