what is the trezor wallet

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Security was one of the core reasons why blockchain technology became appealing alongside cheap cross-border payments. However, security remains a great concern for crypto users. Fraudsters have found ways to hack crypto platforms, stealing millions from users. 

So, we’ve been exploring different security options and hardware wallets have been one of our favourites. We recently published a piece discussing the Trezor Wallet.

Trezor is one of the earliest hardware wallets. By hardware wallet, we mean funds are stored offline without an internet connection. This makes it difficult for hackers to break in. Now, let’s answer more questions about it.

Does Trezor Wallet Support Shiba Inu?

Trezor supports a lot of cryptocurrencies. We’ll look at some of the supported coins pretty soon. The Trezor wallet supports all ERC-20 coins. So users can use their ETH address to receive SHIBA. And once confirmed, the token will appear in their ETH account.

How Does Trezor Wallet Work?

The Trezor wallet is a hardware wallet, making it significantly safer than typical software wallets. It stores private keys on a physical device instead of on a phone or computer. Additionally, the wallet is never connected to an internet server. This makes it extremely difficult for hackers to access a user’s funds.

Tresor guarantees that private data won’t be lost, altered, or deleted, even if it hasn’t been used for a while. Furthermore, Trezor never needs a backup battery; instead, it can be powered by a USB connection.

What Coins Does Trezor Wallet Support?

Trezor supports more than 1000 coins including popular names like Bitcoin and other less popular coins. Here are a few coins that Trezor supports:

  • EOS
  • Stellar
  • Cardano
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Chainlink
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Tezos
  • Ethereum Classic

When Will Trezpr Support IOS?

Trezor does not yet offer support for IOS. However, there are no clear indications of when it would.

When Will Trezor Support Solana?

Trezor currently does not support Solana. But, there is a possibility that it might in future due to popular demand. However, a Ledger hardware wallet is the best option to store your Solana tokens and NFTs.

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