Akon, the Grammy-winning musician, made a sudden confession why he thinks Bitcoin is great. And it’s very curious.

In an interview with a local radio station, Akon sharply criticized the opinion that crypto assets, including Bitcoin, are vulnerable compared to fiat money, particularly, USD. He begged the question: why is the American dollar valuable? Well, the answer is pretty interesting: the US dollar holds the leading position purely thanks to the social contracts and the military power of America. In addition, nothing really backs up fiat. And it’s been like that for a long time.

In Bitcoin’s case, the situation is completely different. He emphasized that every inhabitant of the globe can become a miner. Ordinary people make rules in the crypto world without any need for violence. And it’s the main and the biggest advantage of crypto.

Cryptocurrencies have the power of people

Overall, Akon is sure cryptocurrency is the future. And Bitcoin has a huge potential. Crypto money has people’s support and it does not need the government’s assistance. And what’s even more important: it does not serve the goals of a particular social group.

Currently, the rapper is overseeing a crypto project. Its aim is to create an African digital currency. It would gradually replace local national currencies and its name is pretty straightforward, Akoin. To remind, last year he emphasized that the cryptocurrency would give African people new opportunities and stabilize monetary policy on the continent.

Akon isn’t the first celebrity to declare benevolence for cryptocurrency. In recent years, many other celebs started supporting the crypto world and Bitcoin. Among them Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez.



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