Zone PlayFi League Sees Huge Growth on Algorand

In November, Zone announced a partnership with Algorand to launch the biggest Web3 competition with a prize pool of $150,000. As expected, the competition proved popular with the gaming community and had incredible figures to show for it.

The Zone X Algorand partnership, starting from November 18 to February 5, saw over 5 million games played, more than 106,060 Game Pass NFTs claimed, and over 1.5
million transactions on Algorand. That’s impressive!

Zone Ushers in a New Gaming Era

The PlayFi League was a first of its kind and leveraged Algorand’s fast and secure blockchain to create a revolutionary gaming experience. Players were able to enjoy the thrills of a fast-paced, decentralized game and the chance to earn ALGO tokens as rewards. The PlayFi was also inclusive, as it allowed gamers from different regions to participate.

The League’s success is tremendous so far, and players have praised the responsiveness of the platform and the gameplay’s simplicity. The PlayFi leagues demonstrate that Zone is enabling massive scalability and the potential for real-world monetary rewards in online gaming tournaments.

About 4,979,119 games were played in the tournament within 72 days. This amounts to almost 28 years’ worth of gaming, showing the popularity of the tournament. The massive turnout shows that many will look forward to the next Zone X Algorand competition as it provides a chance to earn huge rewards.

As said in our earlier articles, the PlayFi league ran in two phases. Phase 2 served as the finale of the tournament and had about 20,000 ALGOs for the winners.

New Growth for Algorand

The tournament was beneficial to both Algorand and Zone. It brought many more transactions to Algorand and also gave Zone the chance to solidify itself in the fantasy football space. About 38,000 new addresses were onboarded to Algorand during the tournament, and more than 138,000 new users joined Algorand.

Reacting to the tournament, Piergiacomo Palmisan, Head of Gaming at Algorand Foundation said, “The Zone effect on Algorand has been undeniable, and we are grateful to have such strong partners in our ecosystem. I am really looking forward to all the new features and the great initiatives that the Zone team has in the pipeline.”

The PlayFi League was the first of many partnerships between Zone and Algorand. They have plans to improve the game experience and roll out more features and incentives in the months to come.

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