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Over the years, we’ve seen that access to investment opportunities is limited to the elite or privileged few. This, sadly, has created a huge disparity in the market. Thankfully, the situation is gradually changing thanks to blockchain technology and its potential in the finance world. 

Then you’ll definitely be interested in what’s going on at Common Wealth. Let’s take a look at this protocol and what it’s about.

What is Common Wealth?

Common Wealth is an early-stage investment platform that offers a wide variety of funds in an easy and accessible way for everyone. The community-driven platform encourages diversity.

If you look back at the last ten years, maybe even five, you’ll observe a disturbing fact. Not everyone could invest. So, if you are not part of the big VCs club, you’ll find it hard to access early-stage opportunities. So, only an exclusive few have profited from investing in some of the recent technological innovations.

However, Common Wealth embraced a web3 economic model based on a community-pooled fund. This model was made to avoid the regular restrictive conditions of traditional investing. Furthermore, the platform works in such a way that you can invest using familiar payment methods like cryptocurrencies.

Common Wealth Aims to Revolutionize How to Add Liquidity in VCs Funds

Investment in today’s world could be pretty tiring. Current models ensure that you wait a long time before profiting from your investment. And not everyone can afford to keep their funds locked up for a long time with nothing to show for it.

So, Common Wealth wants to change this outdated model and constrictive in light of modern technology. Once you invest through Common Wealth, you’ll get a Fund NFT, which is a digital representation of your investment in the fund.

To learn about the early-stage investments possible through Common Wealth, you’ll need to download the app. The app is an easy-to-use consumer application that will be live later this year. So, any investment inside the app will be shown as an investment NFT that will be tradable on a secondary market. You can even split that NFT into two, or three parts, or even sell it in one. This is a huge innovation made possible by blockchain technology.

Common Wealth is community-owned and operated. It uses Genesis NFT as a mechanism to raise funds. Holders of Genesis NFT, also known as All Street OGs, are entitled to 15% of platform revenues and a host of other special advantages.

Some of the perks include governance rights, significant WLTH token allocations, and potential future partnerships.

Common Wealth Provides a Sustainable Funding Model

New projects are often exciting at first. But most times, they run out of steam because of their unsustainable model. However, that’s not the same as Common Wealth. It doesn’t offer you a hasty way to get rich. And it doesn’t use the funds from “John” to pay “Jimmy.” Here is how it works.


Source: Light paper

The token economics of Common Wealth, as opposed to conventional venture capital models, create a completely closed-loop economy. Common Wealth closes that gap by rewarding users while cultivating a healthy and sustainable community. It reinvests all profits made during the investment process back into the protocol. There are also reward programs within the platform, such as:

  • Learn-2-Earn program: educating the next wave of Web3 investors.
  • Promote-to-Earn programs: Advertise the projects you believe in.
  • Participation in governance and community decisions.
  • User referrals.
WLTH Token Review and Updates

The WLTH is an ERC-20 utility token that conducts all non-investment financial transactions such as staking, rewards, and governance. These activities are subject to a 1% fee, which fuels the Community Fund. Here is the token distribution:


Source: Light paper

On the other hand, the Genesis Series 1 NFTs are sold out, that’s why the platform will give its users a second chance to buy it. Common Wealth has now introduced the Genesis Series 2 NFT for $99. The sale begins on May 22 and runs until the 31st. There will be nine daily mints that each last for nine hours, with a daily cap of 999 NFTs.

You need to join their Telegram channel to be part of the whitelist. Follow this guide for more info.

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