The large-cap cryptocurrencies tend to dominate the crypto market. They have a market cap of at least $10 billion or more. But a large market cap is not like a holy grail. Other factors come into play as well. These can be, for instance, the fundamentals, the team, or price development. 

So, we look into three coins with the largest caps that aren’t stablecoins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB. They each have a market cap that’s well over $10 billion.


Bitcoin is the OG of all cryptocurrencies. Way back in January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin. Its whitepaper was already available in 2008. The interesting part is that nobody knows who Nakamoto is. He, she, or they managed to remain anonymous. However, Bitcoin always stayed among the large caps coins.

If we look at the Bitcoin fundamentals, they remain strong. One of the best values is its finite supply. There will only ever be 21 million BTC. 19 million are already in circulation. This will lead to scarcity. and this means a higher price. The decentralization of Bitcoin is another appealing factor. There are no third parties. Let alone a government controlling the assets. 

Although the team is anonymous, they left quite a legacy. The whitepaper, ‘A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’, still sets a high standard. For example, it addressed and prevents the ‘double spending’ issue.

Another factor of Bitcoin is its price development. It has been a volatile road from the very start to today’s price. However, it started to gain real traction from 2017 onwards. In November 2021, we saw its current ATH at $69,044.77. Its price slumped various times. Nonetheless, it always recovered, only to go on to new ATHs. Its current market cap is $523 billion.

Bitcoin’s popularity seems to keep growing. There’s also a supply shortage. Both are valid reasons for the price to keep going up. The general outlook is that the current market may tank a bit. However, the next bull run should kick off in 2024. Providing no macroeconomic events get in the way.

Master Portfolio

Bitcoin is also one of our 50x Master Portfolio contenders. It takes up 35% of our portfolio, see our latest portfolio video here. So, all in all, the fundamentals and price development for Bitcoin in the long run, still look good. Here’s what Anthony Pompliano had to say about the current fundamentals. He’s a well-known Bitcoin maxi.


Ethereum came to life back in 2013. Vitalik Buterin stood at the cradle. He published the Ethereum white paper. It also had a steady spot among large caps. Some other names that you may recognize were there as well. For example, 

  • Gavin Wood, now at Polkadot.
  • Charles Hoskinson, now at Cardano.
  • Anthony Di Iorio, now at Decentral and Jaxx Wallet.
  • And Joseph Lubin, now at Consensys, who owns, among other projects, MetaMask.

So, a solid and doxed team stood at the helm. In general, its fundamentals didn’t change much. Ethereum made smart contracts possible. Since they have the early mover advantage, their ecosystem is massive.

This means that it’s still a good project with potential for growth. However, there was one important recent change in fundamentals. This was the change from Proof of Work consensus to Proof of Stake. Because of this change, Ethereum’s energy consumption became 99% less. The ETH token also became deflationary. One of their next upgrades is sharding. With this, they want to increase the TPS or transactions per second. However, Ethereum still struggles with high gas fees. Did you know that you can buy all three coins mentioned in this article at our new partner, ByBit?

So, plenty of positive developments are going on at Ethereum. The Ethereum price development is also interesting. Currently, it’s down 62% from its ATH of $4,878.26 in November 2021. However, it has two strong pillars, DeFi and NFTs. According to DeFiLlama, TVL for all chains is 57% only on Ethereum. If we look at NFT collections, the first 17 listed on DappRadar are on Ethereum.


BNB didn’t have an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) until 2017. That’s late compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it’s still considered early in the general crypto space. Since then, it is one of the large caps. It started out as an ERC-20 token. Later, it transferred into a BEP-20 token. That’s the native token for the BNB Smart Chain (BSC chain).

BNB started out with a 200 million max token supply. However, due to a burn mechanism, the current supply stands at 157.9 million tokens. That’s also more or less the circulating supply. So, that’s a nice feature. We like deflationary tokens. Their stated goal is to get down to a total supply of 100 million tokens.

It’s also the native token for the Binance exchange. You receive discounts on transaction fees if you pay them with BNB.

The fundamentals of this coin didn’t change much. They are still strong and solid. So, let’s look into the price development. Currently, BNB is 55% down from the ATH of $686.31 in May 2021. Still, BNB has been stable with a slight uptrend. See the picture below.

Large Caps

Source: CoinGecko


We looked at three of the large caps and their current state. These are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB. In general, we see that the fundamentals haven’t changed much, and they are still solid coins.

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