The crypto market is once again seeing some light. Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the rise so far this year, and investors are pouring in funds in different sectors of the blockchain market. However, blockchain gaming remains one of the best ways to earn some extra bucks in crypto now.

New blockchain game releases are on the rise between Q1 and Q2. But Meta World: My City, by Marblex, has incredible potential. Players can make as much as $100–$500 weekly from playing the game.

Marblex announced the launch of Meta World: My City in mid-April. The game already supports iOS, Android, and PC users. However, Meta World’s biggest appeal is its earning opportunities and intriguing graphics.

What is Meta World?

The game’s developer, Netmarble, describes Meta World as a metaverse with “virtual real estate and building collections.” The game features “board game mechanics and the opportunity to have virtual lands and buildings in the metaverse.”

Meta World is a sequel to Let’s Get Rich, meaning it has similar game concepts to those of its predecessor. Players use dice and skill cards to move to favorable spots on the board where they can create landmarks and demolish the property of other players.

Meta World: My City offers more than merely hours of pleasure; it also offers the chance to earn a little extra cash. Playing the game and the different modes available provide opportunities to earn special currencies, which you can invest in getting new features or convert into crypto and cash out for physical money. Marblex also has its own blockchain with token that you can move across their many games.

An Intriguing Visual Appeal

Meta World is visually gorgeous. The game has a beautiful presentation, and the graphics are outstanding. The rich colors and intricately designed buildings in the game’s metaverse give it the appearance of an actual metropolis. Meta World’s user interface makes it simple for players to explore and engage with all of its options. Marblex is one of Asia’s leading game designers and here is where it really shows.

How Do You Play the game?

Meta World: My City features digital replicas of real-life locations, including Paris, Bangkok, and New York City. Right now only NYC is available but the others, and more, are coming online soon. The idea is that players can build the city of their dreams using their own virtual structures. There are also lots of characters available for use. Each of these characters has their own unique skills and abilities. One of the attractions of Meta World: My City is its incorporation of popular landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. The game also allows you to customize avatars.

Players can choose to invest in virtual homes and structures in the real estate simulator part of the game. Furthermore, they can later develop and resell those structures for a profit. There are other layers of excitement in the game, especially in its board game-style approach. Players can compete to control the good spots on the board in order to win. They can achieve this by reaching the point target or by forcing rivals to pay excessive fees if they land on one of their buildings.

How do I earn money from the game?

Let’s talk about money. Gaming without a chance to earn money could be time-consuming. But Meta World adds to the fun. You can earn the game’s currency, called Meta Cash, by completing some in-game tasks. We advise that you reinvest your profit to develop your power in the board game.

Furthermore, there are lots of monetary incentives to keep you going. But you have to keep strategizing on how to grow your earnings and expand your power.

Are you interested in making a couple of hundred bucks per week on the side playing a cool game? Try Meta World today.

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