EARN Passive Income with Meta World My City

Imagine if you could play your favorite real estate-based board game, Monop…, you know the one I’m talking about. And instead of play money from a bank that ‘never runs out of money’, you can earn real money.

As much as $100-$500 PER WEEK that you play. Pretty cool huh? Well, you can with today’s game. Meet Meta World My City.

What is Meta World?

Meta World: My City is a metaverse-based board game where you play against players from all over the world. There are basically 2 different game modes:

  • The Dice Game.
  • The Meta World Metaverse.

The dice game is a real estate board game in the style you are familiar with but on steroids. You roll your dice, make your moves, acquire and build on a property and charge rent or pay rent when you land on someone else’s property. In fact, it’s the sequel to Meta World’s popular Let’s Get Rich game.

Then there is the Metaverse. The Meta World Metaverse models itself based on real maps of real cities. So far, they have Paris, New York, and Bangkok. 

Marblex is the team behind the game. Their reputation is strong on making AAA games. They also have their own blockchain with in-game currency, Meta. You can then use Meta or exchange it for $ITU, the Meta World blockchain token. And with $ITU, you can use it in Meta World, across MarbleX’s other games OR buy and sell on an exchange.

What’s your favorite play to earn game right now? Let us know with a comment below.

How to Earn Playing Meta World?

As you might expect from us, we have a couple of very serious gamers at Altcoin Buzz, as well as our sister channel Funjible Games. Have you checked out Funjible yet? If you love games, give it a try. It’s got great reviews and game footage. You can see our full game review about Meta World there.

Our gamers tested the game and said you can earn between $100-$500 PER WEEK if you put in the effort. That’s a very nice ROI. So how do you earn? Here is a video with the timestamps of our gameplay activity below.

By the way, the video has no sound. Our full video review at the end of this article has all the narration.

  • 0.20-0.37

First, as you can see here, you need to develop your character.

  • 0.42-1.10

Then you can play the board game or go into the city of your choice. We are choosing Manhattan NYC here. We are taking a closer look at the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of Tribeca to scout out properties to buy. You can see open lots, occupied lots, and lots with buildings on them. You see this space has a building on it that you can buy for 58,565 crystals.

  • 1.18

Then we look at the world map. There are 3 cities on the map right now. NYC, Paris, and Bangkok. And then you also have Meta Island. Meta Island is your personal space.

  • 1.34-1.48

Unlike in the game where crystals or $ITU get you a property in the city, in Meta Island you use gold that you accumulate while playing to get space here.

  • Starting at 1.55

Now, we are ready to play. We have an opponent and a game board set up, as you can see.

  • First roll at 2.48

On our first roll, we have the option of:

  • Remote Construction-build anywhere where we own a property.
  • Create Double Dice cards to help us win the game later. Doubles let us go again as long as we don’t do it 3x in a row.
  • Or buy a piece ‘Skyrocketing Real Estate’. Desirable real estate in Meta World expected to increase in value.
  • 2.58

In this case, we are choosing Remote Construction. But after another roll, we have a chance to Blackout a square on the board.

  • 3.14

This negates the effect or toll the square can charge almost like making it public property.

The game continues with some cool features including some things you definitely CANNOT do playing the popular board game like:

  • Jump squares
  • And instead of paying the toll you can buy Buyout the building and become the new owner.


  • 6.15

The game continues but then we had to forfeit and end the game. That was our player’s decision, not the game due to time.

The Meta World Pass and cards that come with it are standard NFTs with varying rarity. You can use them while playing to access other characters and services or help you in the dice game.

More About Meta World Gameplay

And more timestamps…..

  • 6.44

You can check out your Real Estate holdings, points earned, and ROI at any time while you are playing. This has some nice benefits like if the ROI on your building is lower than you expected, you can put it up for sale or when someone makes an offer, you know right away if you want to accept it or not. Especially if you are playing to earn, you want to see how much you are earning.

  • Up to 7.07

And Meta World makes this easily accessible. And if you want to buy, the Trading Center helps show you what’s available and for how much.

Like most games, the more you play, the more you earn. If you rank in the top 10, you can earn between 30,000 and 100,000 Meta Cash to use in-game. You also earn Meta Cash based on the value of your real estate you hold. So that’s like collecting rent even if no one occupies your building. And once you reach the 6 star level, you can mint your own NFTs of your character or your real estate and sell those yourself.

  • 7.20-7.45

Lastly, you are eligible for bundles, some known and some unknown, with more tools, cards, crystals and other things to help you play. Obviously, the more you play, the more of these you become eligible for.

So go to this link and give Meta World My City a try, and see how much you can earn while having fun playing.

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