Blockchain Gaming Updates Week 2

Bringing you a round-up of the most important developments in the blockchain gaming space. Find out what’s happening with our exclusive overview.

We head into the new year and the blockchain gaming world is just warming up. Kucoin Play is giving away $1million USDT in lieu of its official launch. All you need to do is to participate and thus stand a chance to win $10k USDT.

No referral links included and all links direct you to the official platforms.

CardMaker is looking to simplify through this new update. Find out the changes that have hit the game.

Crypto Fights 2nd phase of Beta Testing is happening from January 27th-31st.

Enjin Platform/Games

Check out the first edition of GodsUnchained’s weekly update thread.

VideoCoin is giving away 50,000 Vid in its 4th contest.

Stryking amasses over 552ETH in their Holiday Auction. Lots of authentic and rare Bayern Munich collectibles were snapped up.

The Sandbox
The Sandbox is having their 2nd land presale in February.

That’s all we have for this week. Check out some recap from the past year if you missed them.

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